Sit in the Center

I have nothing of value to add to this whatsoever. This incredible dungeony nightmare-scape was done by Bob Massey at Dosquet Tattoo in Dosquet, Quebec. Go to him for all over your terrifying skeleton and evil jester needs. If anybody knows if this is based on anything, please pipe up in the comments.

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23 thoughts on “Sit in the Center

  1. rad. i wonder how many hours were put in?? i love anything with old school dragons in it. asian dragons are done to the shithouse nowadays

  2. This back-piece is based off of a 1994 dungeon-based game that was initially released on the PC.. it was titled “Dungeon-Raiders 3D.” I couldn’t find any information regarding it because it kinda flopped and nobody really cared much about it.. but it was an awesome game nonetheless. I know this because this is my friend’s back-piece, I just gave him a ring to very all of this information.


  3. Dave – You rang him? Wouldn’t it have been easier to login to both your computers at precisely 7.30 and join an online dungeon environment to ask him?

    (I’m not poking fun by the way – I was born and raised on dungeon games. I’m just quite ashamed I didn’t and don’t recognise the image)

  4. Holy Shit is all I have to say.
    The one shame would be not being able to look at it yourself…or get two really huge mirrors.

  5. Beautiful, absolutely stunning. The detail is superb. This is more than a tattoo; this is fine art. Congratulations – to the guy who wears it for having the patience to have so much work done, and to Bob Massey at Dosquet Tattoo.

  6. I have to comment on this one. This is one of the most incredibly detailed tattoos i have ever seen. Next to the MC Esher full back piece…this is just amazing..i would love to know what it means…

  7. the first thing i thought of was sega’s “golden axe” from like ’89… it reminds me of one of the final boss’s scenarios.. anyone else follow me?

    and yes, a truly amazing piece to say the least.. sumwhat hypnotic

  8. As lovely as the illustrated detail is, the missing stroke on 忠 (the lower left character) is what bothers me. Copying hanzi is *not* that difficult.

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