Right on Target!

This must have been a couple weeks ago or more but I was on one of my friend’s message boards checking out some photographs he had taken for an assignment in school. I can’t remember the exact back story to it but it was something about using targets. Thaddeus had posted 3 or 4 shots that he was working on and as I scrolled past this one of Brian Prish, I almost completely missed it!

Do you see what I see?

Thaddeus also has some amazing “hot naked modded girl” shots that would definitely suit the requests from the comment forums so he’ll be sending some my way for your viewing pleasure.

The answer after the break!

P.S. If you didn’t see it, check out Brian’s shin for the peak a boo shot of his Calm Logo Tattoo!

13 thoughts on “Right on Target!

  1. HEY! That’s me… Not too gnarly of a back story but Thad was shooting me and it was about 11pm. Twas super cold outside to have water balloons thrown at you for an hour. I Wish my hair wasn’t so wild to show the 53mm’s in my ears to justify being on here more than a small Calm BME boy on my shin….

  2. Yo prishman, haven’t talked to you forever bro, i did a random google search for your name cause we were talkin about your huge lobes. nice shot man! missin cali man

  3. Oh Dave. Mah boy from the East. You get out here soon and thank you for the appreciation.

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