It’s not unusual…

The artist formerly known as IAM:omglolzroflmao has packed up his bags and moved to the cold northern wilds of Edmonton, Alberta.  But just because he’s in the cold, doesn’t mean he doesn’t heat up the town when he goes out.

See, no matter where Chris goes, the party is sure to follow.  That dashing young man on the left happens to be the one and only Alfonso Ribiero, star of Silver Spoons, and some show about a rapper.  I’ll let you guys and gals decide which one of them is the BMEBoy.

Oh, and I would be remiss not to point out Chris’ black arm in progress, as well as his BME Calm logo tattoo on his neck.


Yesterday, I pulled my old school BME shirt out and wore it for the first time in several years. This shirt has the original Scott Fox designed  BME Logo on the back (that happens to glow in the dark) and the original url on the front. This shirt is over 10 years old and it  is still one of my all time  favorite BME shirts. That old design has really passed the test of time, which is why I was so pleased to see this recent submission to the BME Logo Tattoo gallery.


I really like how this tattoo  of the  original BME logo is integrated into the surrounding blackwork, it looks like it is truly in it’s natural environment.

The wearer of this tattoo has joined  Team BME, have you?

Oh, Balls

There’s a proud and storied tradition of steering apprentices towards amusing and potentially embarrassing tattoos (more), for loyalty’s sake, which is one of those traditions that rubs some people the wrong way, but, hey—as long as there’s no real coercion, a funny tattoo is a funny tattoo. Well! Aaron Chapman, the owner of and head artist at Eternal Ink in Madisonville, Kentucky, sends in this BME Pain Olympics-inspired tattoo, forever etched in place on the leg of his apprentice, Michael Agnew. That Pain Olympics video was a hoax (shh, don’t tell all the YouTube reaction-video participants!), but this? This is as real as it gets. Ha ha, balls.

Right on Target!

This must have been a couple weeks ago or more but I was on one of my friend’s message boards checking out some photographs he had taken for an assignment in school. I can’t remember the exact back story to it but it was something about using targets. Thaddeus had posted 3 or 4 shots that he was working on and as I scrolled past this one of Brian Prish, I almost completely missed it!

Do you see what I see?

Thaddeus also has some amazing “hot naked modded girl” shots that would definitely suit the requests from the comment forums so he’ll be sending some my way for your viewing pleasure.

The answer after the break!

P.S. If you didn’t see it, check out Brian’s shin for the peak a boo shot of his Calm Logo Tattoo!