The Damage Done

This is Jessica, who is a Baltimore transplant living in South Carolina, and who has apparently lost a contact lens, as far as I can tell, in this senselessly placed pile of wood shavings. Needless to say, she has some awful friends who would clearly rather stand around and take sexy pictures of her than help her look for important optical supplies. How disrespectful.

35 thoughts on “The Damage Done

  1. candycovered: no, it isn’t just you. HELL YEAH, that bitch is thin! (i say bitch in a very cool and black way, not in any disrespect against women!)
    i don’t know if i like it… i even think i’m too thin, and i’m not even close to her thin…ness?

  2. I think the unhealthily thin look comes from the angle, the curve of her pose, and the way she’s leaning in towards the camera, makes her torso to look thinner than she.. that said, she is thin, but I think she looks great and healthy, and has some really cool tattoos.

  3. If she were unhealthily thin, you’d see it in the limbs, not just the torso. She’s just real stretched out.
    I second the requests for shots of the backpiece 🙂

  4. Photos of Jessica’s lovely Bio Mechanical style back piece are located on the main BME site in the tattoo gallery under BioMechanical tattoos.

    The following links will show you more detail of the tattoo submitted to BME in 2005 and save you the trouble of searching.
    If you want an artist credit you will have to ask Jessica i don’t have that info handy, sorry.

  5. Would love to see a close-up of the back-piece… And that is the coolest wall ever.

    She is not to thin at all, she is very cute although I like a larger backside thats just my pref

  6. i’m sorry but this photograph could have been so much better in like 15 different ways. it does not nearly do her, or her tattoo justice.

  7. I think that’s a rug, not a pile of wood shavings. I’ve seen one like it made from suede pieces or something at Ikea. Nice photo regardless! Great background, interesting setup. I was glad to see the closeups Phillip provided in his earlier comment.

  8. Damn, who know there were hot modded chicks in SC…especially since I live there and don’t seem to find many. I blame the southern Baptist and their non-dancing ways.

  9. Not the greatest photo, the pose is a bit awkward IMO. But as far as her figure goes, lord you can’t win with some people, I don’t think she looks ‘unhealthily thin’ at all and she sure pulls of that… thing… she is wearing lol

  10. Yeah, that was a photo shoot for a shoe store in town.

    Hot, modded girls are few in far in SC, you just have to know where to look for them though 🙂

    She does have a gnarly back piece.

  11. beautiful woman, but poorly dressed.

    those shoes… the glasses? who was the retard in charge of wardrobe?

  12. Damn I’d tap her any day, all day long!
    But…is it just me or is the reason why she looks so ridiculously thin that the photo i photoshopped to make her even thinner? Maybe I’ve spent too much time in photoshop and on photoshopdisasters, but I’m sure that there’s something wrong with the lines on the wallpaper above her just between the end of her back and her ass (which looks damn tasty), it looks like the classic “liquify-lipo” 😛

  13. Dammit…stupid typo ‘.___.
    In the sentence “…that the photo i photoshopped…”, the “i” is of course missing an “s”, as in “is” xD.
    I had nothing to do with the photo.

  14. god.
    she looks amazing in a nice pair of kicks.
    good lord.
    shes fucking beautiful.

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