The xRonix

He‘s Creepin’ while ya sleepin’..

Throwing shapes Pulling faces since 6pm, 29th of January, 2009 am, dot com, PMT, ABC, FTW, xox .

22 thoughts on “The xRonix

  1. these tags are becoming more and more ridiculous, they are almost as entertaining as the actual pics!

  2. oppositronic,

    luckily he’s not jewish;) And I really think that insted of being buried, he should sell his body to Gunter von Hagens (the one who created “The Body Word”) ;)

  3. this is so scary,
    but somehow the most amusing thing i’ve seen in a bit
    idk i wouldn’t mind him, long as he wasn’t creeping while i was sleeping..

  4. LOL! Best pic in ages… even though it will probably give me nightmares XD

    #6 – I think EVERYBODY should give their body to Gunter von Hagens. Do you know if his process preserves tattoos? I don’t want mine to rot when I die :(

  5. This is absolutely hands down the best picture that has ever had anything to do with BME. Finally, someone knows how to take a fucking photograph.

    I’m dead serious by the way. Next time lose the flash though and deal with a little motion blur. It makes it better.

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