Swirls All Around

[looks out window, sees snow piled about five feet high next to the sidewalk]


(6 mm. nostrils, microdermals, 16 mm. lip plate, 38 mm. earlobes and 8 mm. flats, at least some which were done by Petr and Tattoo Angel Studio in Moscow, Russia. Oh, and it’s Hack!)

See more in Scalpelled and other large gauge lip procedures (Lip Piercing)

45 thoughts on “Swirls All Around

  1. #3 I have one more photo of him (not in profile). Sorry he only submitted two images. The other is going on the cover of BME for an upcoming update, maybe tonight? And will be in the next update in the lip piercing galleries you will have to go hunting your self for that one.

  2. … omg. He’s downright *edible*, and all his mods suit him beautifully.

    I can has him plz?

  3. Can we just rename Modblog “Jordan’s blog of wankfodder” and be done with it? :p

    I love his lip piercing; suits his lips perfick.


  4. beautiful pic…dreamy tribal, like it was genuine nat’l geo photo on the mythical jungle abiding, hot stash.

  5. He is possibly the most adorable and attractive man I have seen in a very long time! Why do all the beautiful ones live so far away??

    Pointed ears would look great! (Though i might be biased due to my general love of that mod)

  6. Awesome, That mullet is working well for him, i dont know how, this may be the first time i;ve seen long in back look rad like that

  7. to jenn, #14, it could be hypertrophic scarring. Does anyone know if it is still possible to get hypertrophic scarring even when the cartilage is punched at a higher gauge?

  8. I really want to take him.

    So beautiful!

    If you need a groupie …. just talk to me ;)

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  10. #33
    Pretty sure you can, my conch was punched at 4mm and is now a fat blob of scarring, sticking out both sides of my ear. (my fault, wore inappropriate jewellery during healing…..jewellery was too long and tugged my ear when i slept)

  11. i got my flat punched at 8mm, and i had a lot of hypertrophic scarring during the healing process (which took about 7 months) and it all went down once it was healed, no sign of it now.

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