31 thoughts on “Live in Peace

  1. Dear lord. This is completely sick, I love every pattern and detail. This is what all back pieces aspire to be!

  2. the face of the dragon is so fresh. so many people try to take something traditional like that and ‘make it new’ but never execute something so great like this.

  3. Awesome tatt, and it doesn’t look ANYTHING like Marc’s work at ALL, we’ve seen enough of it to know that!

  4. Wow this is stunning. Quite a simple image but so brilliantly executed – the best tattoos IMO!

    And ffs branch out people… Swastika Freakshop are NOT the only tattooists in the world creating quality and original work O_o

  5. #21. Those plus symbols look to me like interlinked Byzantine crosses – I’ve seen that design on old Greek and Russian icons. If that was a deliberate choice it’s a very clever use of a historic design.

  6. I like that the tattoo contains the usual japanese-style imagery of a samurai and a dragon, but the style is anything but traditional. Excellent.

  7. love it… amazing detail but the + signs on the arm dont do it for me. Im all for patterns but they look so flat and straight instead of following a curve of fold in the fabric, but thats just me. AMazing piece all in all

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