My Grandma Dropped Acid This Morning

That’d be Eric sporting this fantastic Better Off Dead-inspired tattoo by Noelle Lamonica at Divine Machine Tattoo in Buffalo, New York.

Context for the uninitiated, after the jump.

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11 thoughts on “My Grandma Dropped Acid This Morning

  1. i loved doing this piece. its also ironic that its next to the steak that i tattooed a year ago also on Modblog titled “steak on a vegan kid” back when i was just starting off. if it wasnt for eric ( or kevin as we at the shop call him) i would never have had the opportunity twice. i love you Kevin Barbara Streisand.

  2. hahaha the bouncing souls ‘these are the quotes from my favorite 80′s movies’ if you haven’t heard it,find it and have a giggle!!

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