This is What Happens When You Bang Your Implant

So … that’s unpleasant. A cautionary tale:

Well this is a lesson learned: Never fight if you have implants. I banged my arm on a wall during a fight and this was the result. It started off as a small graze and over a week the pressure opened the hole right up. The implant is clearly visible and it got infected; obviously, it had to be removed.

Guhhh. See? A life of nonviolence, among the many other benefits, will probably keep your implants from rotting out of your goddamn arm. At any rate, we wish this fella the best of luck in healing.

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34 thoughts on “This is What Happens When You Bang Your Implant

  1. Oh yikes. A similar thing happened to me with an unknown piece of glass in my leg. Fucking unpleasant.

    Maybe no implants for me. :)

  2. Oh God it looks like a massive zit in desparate need of popping.

    For some reason, out of everything I’ve seen on ModBlog, this is the most unsettling.

  3. I thought that was a worm in it.
    Even if it just appears to have a maggot in it….Oh Hell no…worms!

  4. this is only a little more disturbing than the eyelet that never got cleaned *shudders* that was gross

  5. Ouch! Thats one of the reasons why I’d be a bit iffy about getting implants on my arms where I would most likely hit them all the fucking time

  6. im new to implants….how can you tell which part of this horrible mess is the implant? it pretty much just looks like pus and congealed blood in one part….

  7. I have had implants on my forearms for about 9 years now, been in tons of fights and mishaps, never had anything like this happen. Lots of swelling sometimes, lots of scrapes and bruises but never something that made them wanna come out.

    As an added non violent part, i have also broke my arm with them in and recently fell through a window in which my implant saved my ulnar nerve. So yay for implants!! Ill have to submit pics when i get organized :)

    Sorry to see this happen to someone though, the others look nice still.

  8. This is why as much as I love the look of implants I could never get any. I’m unlikely to get into a fight but between my job and my pets the chance of something like that happening is too high (also why my mods are confined to tattoos, one piercing ripped out was one too many for me).

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  10. wow…
    take my simpathies…

    i have implants on my left arm too and i like to fight…
    hope, i won’t have the same shit…

  11. Couldn’t a stitch or two where it was grazed have prevented this outcome? Releasing the tension at the top while it heals up…

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