Don’t Quote Me

“Thought of it the other night and couldn’t stop giggling at the idea,” says Dannzilla, “so the next day I got it done. I am very pleased and amused. I’m pretty damn white, but probably even more effing nerdy.” Good times.

(Tattoo by Rian at Cold Steel America in San Francisco, California.)

14 thoughts on “Don’t Quote Me

  1. I love the fact so many young people are getting visible tatts. University gets you nowhere whese days, so why not just fuck up your employment opportunities further with tatts on your hands? I know I’d like to. F*ck the world! 🙂

  2. what teh fuck is this shit? i hope you cry when you realize you’re not hard at all and you have the stupidest fucking reference on your hands for the rest of your life. the revolution is coming and its gonna be fucking hard so get ready for action, and shut the fuck up brandon, nobody likes kirk so don’t be an asshole

  3. A) I didn’t get this entirely from Weird Al, it’s something we in the shop (I actually work at Cold Steel) say all the time to describe the boys we think are cute.

    B) Captain Kirk all the way.

    C) Don’t knock an education, I have my Bachelor’s in Art and not only work the counter at Cold Steel but I’m also the company’s graphic designer and do freelance work. I may be young with visible tattoos, but I also worked my way through high school and college, pay all of my own bills, and even do my own taxes. With my list of references I could easily get a job anywhere in the world. Being young and tattooed doesn’t have to be synonymous with young and fucked for life. Fuck the world indeed.

  4. I would also like to join the young, visibly tattooed including hands, and paying my own way club.
    Fuck the world? Fuck generalisation, more like. 🙂

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