The Skin Train to Tuna Town

This chilling image comes from local warlock Sean Karn of Fuzion Ink in Norfolk, Virginia, who astral-projected deep into the underworld to obtain and record this horrible view. Who knew the Cryptkeeper was such a WASP?

See more in Sean Karn Tattoo Mini Portfolio (Tattoo Artist Portfolios)

36 thoughts on “The Skin Train to Tuna Town

  1. One of the best I have seen in a long time, certainly worthy of modblog..

  2. lol-tats rarely make me laugh… but for some reason I couldn’t keep from laughing when I saw this :D

    it’s just so… intense! xD

  3. Thank you, it’s incredible pieces of work like this that keeps me coming back for more. Congrats to the proud owner. Sorry for the pain your wallet feels.

  4. best part….the great danes!!!!! ( sorry i’m a dane owner……)

  5. Very nice backpiece. I can’t help but suspect that is a mole by the rug’s jaw. Someone should make sure the dude’s made sure that isn’t a melanoma, if it is indeed a mole. Just sayin’ – very common place for them where they go undetected until advanced.

  6. i side with most as i say this is absolutely phenomenal. the rug. oh man i love that rug..

  7. It’s good, but not as good as the small star I have on the inside of my wrist.

  8. ребята привет мне нравится это дело тату еееее!!!!валя

  9. what does mister cryptkeeper have in his hand? not the glass of brandy, the other hand…

  10. Yay for Sean Karn! I had work done by him a few years ago : ) He’s awesome, and this piece is amazing.

  11. i do not believe that is the crypt keeper (have any of you actually ever seen tales from the crypt?)

    but i do believe this is one of the most glorious tattoos i have ever seen.

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