The Great Equalizer

You may not know it by looking at the picture, but this is, in fact, the very lovely Miss Duveaux (much more), letting her side-torso tattoo tell the tall tales of her supposed “trouble” for her. I mean, really—how much trouble could a girl who, I don’t know, covers her naked self in blood for Christmas really be? Exactly. One of the nicer (and definitely one of the more large-scale) script pieces we’ve seen in a while, unobscured by that pesky red sheer, after the jump.

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12 thoughts on “The Great Equalizer

  1. Is that done in purple (ish) ink? If I’m seeing it correctly, it makes for a great effect!

  2. the story is simple… My momma always said I got myself in some sort of trouble…

    I always managed to get myself out of it and have good pub-tales!

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