Hustling The Freak

See, now, this is why I stand in firm opposition to “medical science” and the like, as my beloved Owl God teaches: Here is a man who, somehow, survived his own autopsy, which is surely, inarguably a miracle. Unless, of course, he is now a zombie, which would be vile trickery of the highest order. SHOW YOUR FACE, LIVING DEAD FELLA.

(But really, this intense and finely executed scar was done by none other than John Durante while taking a break from gridskipping in Des Moines, Iowa.)

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23 thoughts on “Hustling The Freak

  1. valy…you remember seeing (singer)’s scar..if you search autopsy you can find it in modblogs past entrys

    unfortunatly he seems to have deleted his iam

  2. Oh yummm!

    I’m so obsessed with biopsy/autopsy Y incisions!

    I remember the one on here before, but this one is definitely better!

  3. ive wanted one for a long ass time..just cant afford it…love the suture scars too…kick ass

  4. The symbol looks like something out of the Simon Necronomicon, or the Lesser Key of Solomon.

  5. Neurosis:

    It’s the sigil of KUTULU:

    “Of all the Gods and Spirits of Abomination, KUTULU only cannot be summoned, for he
    is the Sleeping Lord. The magician can not hope to have any power over him, but he may
    be worshipped and for him the proper sacrifices may be made, so that he will spare thee
    when he rises to the earth. And the times for the sacrifice are the same times as the
    Sleeping of MARDUK, for this is when Great KUTULU moves. And he is the very Fire
    of the Earth, and Power of All Magick. When he joins with the Abominations of the Sky,
    TIAMAT will once more rule the earth!”

    You find that book here:

  6. That would be Brian. He’s a piercer at Sacred Skin West in Des Moines, IA. Great scar, I’ll be interested to see how it keloids.

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