Party The Baby Off

Good afternoon, ModBloggers! Hoo boy, summer took a while, but now it has arrived with all of its trademark scrotum-droopening hellishness. Hooray. In honor of this terrible inferno, here is a pretty fantastic sleeve based on the myth of Icarus, one of the all-time great stories about what a dumb asshole the sun can be. I’ll fly as close to you as I damn-well please, you intergalactic bully. More shots, after the jump.

(Tattoo by Frank La Natra at Eternal Ink in Davie, Florida.)

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29 thoughts on “Party The Baby Off

  1. The piece itself looks great, I really like it. However, looking at Daedalus up at the top, all I can envision is him bellowing “TONIGHT WE DINE IN HELL!”

  2. I love the way this tattoo is done! Especially the heavy lines. It looks great 🙂

  3. The colours and the tattoo itself look amazing but I couldn’t help but notice Icarus looks abit like the guy from 300. THIS IS SPARTA

  4. Ward- i beliee the white arrow is actually the tower in the labarynth that they jumped out of

  5. the white arrow is a tower, we’re finishing it in december, we still have to finish Daedalus’s wings, banners, and the tower. AND ITS NOT LEONIDAS, lmao, we decided to give him a beard so you could distinguish between father and son (on the forearm)

  6. The full text is “I will touch the sun or I will die trying”, it’s from The Melting Point of Wax by Thrice

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