IAM Member Missing

Good news! Lavina is accounted for and safe and sound.

We really hate having to relay messages like this, but we’ve received word that Lavina is missing. The details we have are as follows:

- She came up to Los Angeles to get some work done with her boyfriend on Sept. 17.

- She went with her boyfriend to San Diego (where he lives) and stayed with him for a few days.

- After a few days, she left for Albuquerque, New Mexico to meet up with a friend there who none of her friends or family knew. She apparently got there Tuesday, Sept. 22 and made a short phone call to her boyfriend. That was the last anybody has heard from her. The number from which she made the phone call was disconnected the next day.

- She was expected back in West Covina, California, on Thursday, Sept. 24, but nobody there has seen or heard from her.

- She’s 19 years old, about 4’9″ tall and about 115 lbs. She has long, dark brown hair and brown eyes.

- She has several tattoos on both arms, including a large octopus on her stomach, as well as one two-and-a-half-inch inch stretched lobe and a split tongue.

The Albuquerque sheriff’s department phone number is (505) 468-7100‎.

Any help whatsoever is welcome, of course. We’ll keep you all updated.

23 thoughts on “IAM Member Missing

  1. Weird, she’s on like three of my myspace pages but I’ve never even talked to her, that’s so crazy.

  2. It says on her boyfriend’s page that he has talked to her since this and that she is fine.
    Hopefully this is the case.

  3. I’m so glad she’s okay.

    It makes me so incredibly happy that this community looks out for one another and it’s important news if one of us is hurt or struggling or missing.

    <3 to everyone.

  4. i hope she’s ok, i just started talking to her on here right before she went to LA to get the work done. She seemed like a really nice, genuine person. can’t wait for an update

  5. I hope for the best as well. She is part of such a great community, im really glad to see all the support.

  6. This makes me sad, but on the other hand, it makes me grateful to be part of a community that looks out for its own. I hope with all my heart that she returns safely.

  7. Does anybody know who painted that picture on her iam page? It is absolutely gorgeous… if its hers, she is awesome!

  8. I hate seeing posts like this on BME… (or anywhere at that!!!), but it hurts to see one of my BME “family” missing. Especially after what happened with Andew Niland. Just please stay safe everyone!

  9. #15 – Whoa, hey, way to be judgemental. If you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say it.

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