I want to go to Brisbane


Neill Hooper shot these of TinaXO. Her tattoos are by Matt Cunnington from Westside Tattoo in Brisbane. I have to say there is something remarkable about her. She made me smile and I’m pretty sure she’ll do the same for you. More after the jump.



15 thoughts on “I want to go to Brisbane

  1. Hah im driving to Brisbane in 2 hours four a party! 😛

    Very nice sleeve, its been featured on the front cover of “Australian Tattoo” before!

  2. brisbane (queensland state, north australia) wasn’t so nice in the summer. 40+ celcius. but their are lots and lots of gorgeous women (and men) there just like TinaXO. ps. don’t go to ipswitch, i got caught in a flash flooding there and had to swim home.

  3. i just do not understand why someone would tattoo their name on their knuckles… completely oblivious. and then to wear a necklace with your name on it too??

  4. Hooray! I live in Brisbane! Once I turn eighteen I am definitely going there. I love the way those clouds look.

  5. She’ll never forget her own name. It’s on her necklace and her knuckles. Thank god for that background on her arm. It really blends in the really static floating heart and flowers.

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