Dear Modblog

I was sitting here, reading through comments mostly from people wishing that my illness would kill me, instead of nice thoughts and well wishes from people who would understand that a severe disabling illness is hard to come to grips with. I found this tattoo and at first I thought it said “Stay Classy” which would have been way too perfect considering the circumstances. So thank you to radical kiba for the almost perfectly timed inner lip tattoo. This sweet tattoo was done by Bobby from Crazy Monkey Tattoo in Brooklyn, NY. I definitely think I know what my next tattoo will be.

Inner Lip Tattoo

Till tomorrow Modblog, Stay Cold.

54 thoughts on “Dear Modblog

  1. haha this is what passes as cutting edge these days right? i havent seen a heavy mod published in forever, hell even a cool implant would make my day, instead we get crappy ashton kutcher inspired tattoos.

  2. Yeah, looks more like “Stay Cold” to me rather than the popular Robert Frost inspired “Stay Gold”.

  3. I wish you the best of health! Sorry that the internet is dominated by pricks and assholes.

  4. Down with MS and people’s bastardry! Up with new ink!

    Which is to say, I hope the interferon treatments are effective, I hope you go into remission (or at the very least that the MS stops progressing), and I hope you have a good support system while you go through this.

  5. it must be remembered: somehow wielding a keyboard makes it okay to be rude or disrespectful because no one can see you?? nevermind knowing all sides of the story before passing irrevocable and iron-clad judgment.

    and yes, kiba IS classy as fuck.

  6. YES, that IS a Trapped Under Ice Tattoo. 🙂 “STAY COLD”

    and Rachel, stay strong. I watched the videos you made about the injections and I was amazed.

  7. Ugh, why do people have to be like that? I wish you all the best in your struggle with MS. They say living well is the best revenge, so every good day, every improvement, every treatment that works — is a middle finger in the general direction of the assholes who made those cruel comments.

  8. Rachel,

    The idea that people would wish your illness killed you is terrible- I think there are alot of people who are just frustrated and dont exactly understand what is going on with Modblog. However, taking it out on you and your illness is just uncalled for. Keep doing what you do, fight the good fight, and best of luck!

  9. Its time for people to move on and grow up. There’s no excuse for comments wishing you ill. I hope you come through these hard times and lead BME triumphantly into the future.

    You need to find someone (or someones) you trust to share the work and responsibilities with so that you can you can concentrate on your health and life. I only wish that I could help you in some way.

  10. I wish I could guilt trip everyone that easily…
    If I hadn’t felt like you were rude the last two times I met you, I might actually feel a little bad for thinking the things I have in the past, but now thats all just water under the bridge.

    That said, it’s the interwebs. Everyone is taking things a little too seriously. Although, I understand where both sides are coming from…Rachel can’t really do anything about the people that dislike her, and the people that dislike Rachel can’t really do anything about her.

    I think everybody should just call it a draw. Hhahahaha.

  11. Gogo: I only recall meeting you at scarwars in 2006. Which I don’t recall being rude at all. I am incredibly shy and don’t talk to people I don’t know in person. That usually gets me being labeled as cold or rude but I’m shy. I can’t help it.

    It’s easy for people to say I “stole” the business I have been running since 2001 but you can’t steal things when you pay for them. I just wish other people in this situation were man enough to admit how much they were paid to settle our problems and that if I could publish the exact number it would require A LOT of zeros.

    As far as comments people have made in the previous posts about BME 2.0, the current software that runs the site will no longer function after 2010 due to programming errors and inadequacies, It has to be rebuilt. This is a rebuild I’ve been working on now for two years coming in December. Hopefully it will be completed by then. .

  12. “I just wish other people in this situation were man enough to admit how much they were paid to settle our problems and that if I could publish the exact number it would require A LOT of zeros.”

    Why do you have to go and say that? Who cares how much you paid for it, you wouldn’t have paid that much if it wasn’t going to be worthwhile financially.

    And again, who care how much you paid? You stole it in the first place and that’s never gonna be right no matter how much you paid. A shoplifter can’t just say, “Oh sorry, I’ll pay for it” just because they got caught.


  13. Your comment is childish and uninformed. If I had been shoplifting that would have made sense but you clearly don’t know the facts. I have no interest in arguing with someone who is not a contributing member of the community nor willing to even address the facts. Your other posts show you have no clue considering you think I’m “in with that Kim chick from LA Ink” so you clearly no nothing about me.

  14. Who the fuck are these people, and why the hell are they even ON bme?

    If your panties are so up in a bunch and you hate Rachel so much you wish terrible things of her, why the HELL do you come back to bme? again, and again, just to sit at your computer and bash her like a fucking 12 year old brat. Why would you even come back? Why would you bother posting? You look like morons. If you dont like what she says, and you do not agree with her, why would you waste your time writing to her? Why wouldnt you just simply not support bme? And not come back?

    How in the hell, in our society, in THIS community, who sends so much support across their members and friends, did we come to be like this?

    How the HELL can you wish ill upon someone who has MS, who is suffering, who has a CHILD to care for, and who is STILL keeping this place going. What the fuck is wrong with you people? You make me so sick to my stomach.

    Keep your chin up Rachel. You’ve done so much in your lifetime already, you are an insipiration. The people that are trying to tear you down, are useless in society, and have nothing better to do then become part of the problem today.

    BME is where it is today, STILL HERE, and still running strong. And whatever happened, happened. I only know what I know from the internet, I wasnt there, I wasnt a fly on the wall, I dont know all the facts. Just like every other person on here. And I still respect you, and I support you. I wish you the best!

  15. i love the complaining and finger pointin but no one does a damn thing other than complain. go to a different website or start your own blog or something. if it really bothered you, you wouldn’t be on here complaing about it, you just simply stop coming on.

    and yeah I also come here A LOT less often than i use to because of the lack of good pictures.

    and as for rachel she doesn’t give a shit. shes gonna keep doing her own thing because at the end of the day she still has people coming on the site whether it be scene kids or moded people. this isn’t ment to be mean against rachel, business wise its probably actually better to shoot for a bigger audience even if it means loosing the modififed crowd.

  16. Oh my lord, this is so dumb. Drama drama drama.
    If you don’t like the rude comments, then why would you post your personal life on modblog where everyone can be a bitch to you? Leaving things alone would be better than instigating them. Most people quit acting dumb when you quit bringing it up, they forget and go on to their other dramas.

  17. If I hear one more person say “what happened to modblog”, “ohhhh you guys are sellouts”, “wahhh all your posts are normal and so scene” I will pull the rest of my hair out. I can’t stand coming here because of all the modsnobs.

  18. Wait, there are people who don’t think modblog sucks now?

    This was THE mod site for a long time, don’t fool yourselves, it’s been on fumes for years. Still worth a look every few days, but an absolute shell of what it was a few years ago. All of which would be fine if the founder were coasting instead of ousted.

  19. Oh for fuck sake.
    (this is my usual response to bullshittery)
    Rachel is an amazing woman, and someone I am absolutely proud to call a friend. If you people could actually see how much she busts her ass to take care of this community, you might show not only a scrap of decency, but respect.
    She’s a doll. A total cupcake. And a smart fucking cookie who I adore.
    And yeah.. she’s sick. And her illness takes a lot out of her.. but ya know what? She runs shit like a pro, and I’ve got to hand it to her. If I were in the same boat that she is in, I know I couldn’t do it. But she is a trooper. A shy little trooper, that if you took a minute to get to know, you’d love to pieces, and see just how much she gives a shit, despite constant uphill battles.
    Her devotion to this community astonishes me, and I’m proud to witness it first hand. I give my girl mad props, and am here to help her out any way I can.

    xoxo. keep on keepin’ on mama.

  20. 2 inkfaery
    man, can you write in a bit more simple form. I know english language not so well to understand your post 100% correctly.

  21. (I posted this in reply to another entry, but I think it is appropriate here as well!)

    Omg Rachel you’re a bitch! Omg Shannon was better! Omg you haven’t posted an update for a week you slack cunt! Omg BME has no soul! Omg why can’t we see pics of hacks performing surgery in dirty hotel rooms! Omgomgomgomgomgognmmgmimleavingforever!

    Seriously guys. If you hate BME so much now, the door is that way. You think bitching, whining, moaning, calling BME staff members names and other such bullshit is actually going to make them -listen- to you? You think they will go “Well gee, maybe these filthy-mouthed hicks have it right!”?

    Treat people with respect and put forth your suggestions and criticisms in a constructive and diplomatic manner and then maybe they will listen to you. Maybe then you’ll actually sound like someone worth listening to.

  22. @27, others – Gotta say, I have re-read every post and every comment over the last week, and Rachel’s hyperbole here is kind of frustrating. People have NOT ONCE wished for her to die, NOR for her disease to kill her, let’s put that stupidity to bed now.
    I have family members with MS so I GET IT. But what I don’t get is this need to get tattooed in the face of an illness that messes with your immune system and neurological systems. Seems like you’d put Modding on hold for the sake of being as healthy as you can be.

  23. And I would totally be a Member of the Community if your login/registration system wasnt so assjacked. Been like that for a year, dont cry, “Wah wah, new problems” now. Tried to register numerous times, don’t care anymore anyway. Customer service was nonexistent when I gave a shit, people are sick and dying and going to school and working (oh My!) so there won’t be any changes as far as that stuff is concerned.

    Its kind of shitty for you to say you don’t want to take their opinion or give any kind of response because they aren’t “offishul memberzzzz” or some shit.

    Take my opinion and comment or don’t. Or delete it like the other Mysterious Comments that wished your death seem to have been.

  24. Ok for the last few weeks i’ve been seeing allot of bullshit on here mostly from the visitors who keep talking shit.
    for the last 6 years i’ve been checking out bme dailly without having an iam just reading and looking at pictures.
    I’ve got an iam now for 9 months or so and before that i’ve always thought about bme being special it held a special place in my heart AND in my live,i always saw bme as a place where people like me would fit in find friends and talk about random things or bodymodification.i luved all you guys and girls for being you but i came to notice that since im alive on iam i dont come here no more,why?
    Bme changed for the worse since i’ve been on i had 4 normal conversasions the rest whas cussing me out fucking me over for plugs i paid for but never got and just allot of bullshit
    BME in my opinion whas everything a place where i could be myself without being laughed at without being spit in the face or get beat up.
    Hell no this shit is worse then all of the above i rather get beat up dailly then spending another minute with people who are respectless towards other people,
    Fuck all of you whe are the ones to blame that bme is turning in to a shit hole instead of blaming rachel or anybody BLAME YOUR FUCKING SELFS.
    Its the same thing as going up to someone and say your the one who’se fucking up the ozon lair or however the flying fuck you write that shit because that mofo has a hummer and your driving a hyundai pony YOUR DRIVING so YOUR FUCKING IT UP ASWELL.
    i’f you want to change something start with yourselves and not with others.
    Im gonna change just for that one small thing that kept me believing in myself and for going on with this bull shit i keep contributing to bme with everything i have and still try to feel the positive fibe you used to gave me with or without shannon or who ever the fuck runs this joint or will run it THIS IS OUR FUCKING PLACE
    and i’f you dont act normal GET THE FUCK OUTA HERE and learn some FUCKING MANORS.
    im dun with this crap im out


  25. i must say this has been a good read. a very pretty woman cool mods. that is all.

  26. nice work with the moderation there. wouldnt want someone voicing an opinion now would you?

  27. Stay Cold is my user name on Twitter and Tumblr- inspired from Trapped Under Ice lyrics. Wonder where hers is inspired from.

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