Boys boys boys.

While it’s been a great run with Jordan at the helm of Modblog, he’s on to bigger and better things. Namely less death threats and more positive reinforcement. Although I’m told he was a fan of the life size effigy that was burned on his lawn, his neighbors didn’t appreciate it. Check his previous post for links to some of the best articles BME has published to date. I hope to see him back on Modblog in the future and I’m sure we’ll see articles from him every now and then.

For now I’ll have to post something to help us cope with our loss and that happens to be some hot dudes. One of my favorite things about BME is not only do we get submissions from gorgeous girls from around the world but we also get gems like the ones in this post.


More after the jump of course!

Dima writes in from Kiev, Ukraine and he wanted to let us know that this photo was entirely his idea. I’m okay with that.


I’ve got go get back to fixing IAM but I’m working on it along with the help of CT. Who is our resident fixer of things that break for no reason.

30 thoughts on “Boys boys boys.

  1. I have to agree with Anjellica. And I’m okay with that too. Also, BOYS <3
    I hope Jordan has fun with whatever he’ll be moving on to :)

  2. that first gorgeous guy is Taylor in case anyone was wondering. but i’m glad there are finally some half naked men on modblog! I don’t mind gorgeous ladies but yay for adding a little sausage to the soup!

  3. Niiice, yummy boysssss…

    (BTW, Rachel, I’m having problems with the images both on the front page and after the jumps – they don’t seem to be resizing and are covering part of the right hand menu bitty. I’m using Firefox 3.5.3 on OSX *shrug* hope you manage to figure it out!)

  4. anyone but me notice the second guy was a marine???? take a look at his upper stomach tattoo

  5. He’s not a marine :]]]]]] semper fidelis simply translates to “always faithful”. there’s no effing US marine copyright for this motto/term as it has been used since the 14th century on various coat of arms by various countries, cities and enclaves.

  6. for all those interested, Ukraine (to my knowledge), only has an army…no marines. I am currently living there and have for three years. I would bet that this “marine” tattoo is random and unrelated to the military on this guy….

  7. YES I stopped reading mod blog because Jordan’s posts were so annoying. now i can read it again!

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