And now for something I wouldn’t recommend.

Way back in 2008 I made the conscious decision not to post as much “extreme” content on Modblog. This was mainly due to the feedback that I was getting from contributors to BME that they were only getting as much extreme work done just to get showcased on Modblog. While I’m happy that people love BME and Modblog so much that they want to be featured on it, it was troublesome after an individual asked that his photos be taken down because he was now homeless due to his extreme facial mods. It was a wakeup call. Some comments have been left that claimed that Modblog is boring because there aren’t “new and exciting” things being posted. Given that BME has been documenting the community since 1994, the most “new and exciting” mods have already been done. While there are still rare things being done, there aren’t the leaps and bounds in progress and advancements in the modification world that there used to be in the beginning of this decade. I remember when the first eyelid piercing was posted. There was outrage! The same went on with implants, scarification advancements, and even microdermals which have suddenly become the “new navel”. I walk down the streets of Los Angeles and I have seen 40 year old mothers with microdermals in their faces. We can’t always do something new so I’m bringing you something “old” yet still fairly uncommon.

This set of photos comes out of Brazil and it’s by Urea. Let’s hope the redness subsides and this piercing doesn’t irritate the eye any further.

Eyelid Piercing

I’m leaving to catch a plane back to Vegas so you guys be good. When I get there I’ll try to keep up with the posts as long as I have internet. More photos after the jump of course!

Eyelid piercing

eyelid piercing

eyelid piercing

Eye lid piercing

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  1. I can’t even handle getting an eyelash on my eye, let alone having a CBB rubbing up against it constantly. Eyelid piercings altogether seem like a very, very bad idea. Good luck to her.

  2. I totally agree with Rachel on this one. Keep it simple and basic. Only featuring extreme mods just contributes to the popularity contest and people only do these things to their bodies for the shock value. It should be about 1up-ing everyone else, just loving the way of life.

    And I still think eyelid piercings are extreme :P haha

  3. i would consider an eyeball too precious a thing to intentionally put in jeopardy for the sake of novelty.

  4. i was asking myself the same question..male or female? sorry, but its a toughy!

    & i agree with no3

  5. Hey! A guy from my country! And I guess he’s male!

    Urea, sério, a impressão que eu tenho é que vai zoar teu olho. De qualquer forma, se você for mantê-lo, coloca no outro também pra ficar simétrico… Seus piercings são todos (pelo menos os que aparecem aí) simétricos.

  6. How nice to see androgyny, whether by coincendence or not,

    I don’t know about that eye though, around here the sand and pollen in the wind would be a big issue with it.

  7. This totally freaks me one because 1. I can’t tell if this is a cute guy or a really masculine girl. Either way. Pretty good looking. and 2. because that eye is REALLY red.

    I hope that this doesn’t affect his/her vision and hope it heals well. I would think maybe a smaller gauge or even a labret stud would be better than what looks like a 14ga CCB. Good luck with that!

  8. Well, taken completely out of context of how it will heal, how much irritation it will cause, etc., at least the placement looks kind of cute.
    I hope for their sake that this does not end up very badly for them. Infections near eyeballs = muy malo.

  9. Geez, urea, people are just voicing their opinions, no need to get your panties in a bunch.

  10. UREA, stop tripping, if you want to do something as controversial as eyelid piercings, be prepared for the guff that comes along with them.

  11. The combination of spam and broken english is making me feel uncomfortable. I feel like im being scolded by a robot. Beep boop bop.

  12. oh, please. do really people still think that mods have to be “new” or “extreme” to be interesting? there are LOTS of absolutely stunning tattoos, and tattoos are not something new. there are people whose mods are completely “mainstream”, and still give them a lot of personality.
    i don’t think it’s necessary a bad thing to get a new procedure done, but i think we have to be aware of the risks and, first of all, avoid doing something just because “it’s rare”, “it’s extreme” or “i want to be the first one”. i don’t think we are into body modification just to be different to everyone else… i may be wrong, but i see it like a lack of personality or a desperate need for attention…

  13. Good luck healing it. Hopefully the artist was aware and made sure the client was aware of all the risks included with this piercing, how likely it is to heal and any issues scarring might cause, among the shit load of other things. I’d like to think the artist discussed this at length with the client before even considering piercing the client.

  14. my eyes are terribly desensitized but just looking at this makes them water like mad. mostly its the redness that freaks me out. yikesss

  15. I will never understand why anyone would even want an eyelid piercing. It’s not like it even looks cool, it just looks dumb, so why on earth they would deal with the irritation and all the risks to have it is beyond me. I wouldn’t hate on Urea for doing it though. I mean if someone is of age and understands the risks involved and still truly wants it, then it’s their right to have it done, and the piercers right to do it.

  16. The reason that guy was homeless was his choice. He could have taken his cheek plugs out but he didn’t. If he didn’t want pictures taken and put on the internet he shouldn’t go out in public because that’s what happens when you look different. Don’t like attention? Don’t look different.

  17. Im not one to press my opinion on someone….but, you only get two eyes….and the eye is obviously irritated bye the contact of the piercing.

    MmmmMmmmmmm…not for me or my eyes…never.

    But good luck eyes~

  18. As h3llc4t back to post #11 wrote, I say that it looks kinda cute to me.
    The healing seems dumb tho, I’m really looking forward to know if it is really possible to wear that for long.

  19. Hmm, I really dis-like the fact of all the people ragging on this kid. Its his fucking eyelid. He can do whatever he wants with it.

    I personally would never sacrifice vision for a piercing, but thats just me.

  20. Every other eyelid piercing I’ve seen tended to be closer to the corner of the eye, where there’s a little dead space between the lid and the eyeball.

    Not sure about this placement. Seems like irritating the eyeball in any way is not such a great idea.

  21. so that the piercing I am not taking the eye! ai ta is where the difference! HELLO MY NAME IS UREA

    HAHAHHAA… hello my name is alesita AND I THINK YOUR EYE IS GOING TO FALL OUT… but oh!!! it looks so original being one-eyed!!!!!!!

  22. i mean, i guess i can see where this could be considered innovative… i would be so concerned about cornea damage though. even something as small as being in a REM cycle where your eyes move back and forth while dreaming could seriously damage the cornea.

    awesome for you if you want it i suppose but not really worth it in my opinion.

  23. oh lord, i’m not one to knock someones
    mods, but good god..

    all i have to say is.


  24. Yikes. This made me involuntarily cringe. As someone who is almost legally blind I value what little sight I have too much to mess around with mods around the eye area. It’ll be interesting to see how this piercing behaves when being worn day to day.

  25. Eek. The level of…lets just say, inexperience, it takes for someone to think that piercing their eyelid is at all a good idea is beyond me. Imagine getting that caught on a pillow while sleeping, getting it pulled, so on and so forth.

  26. It has always been beyond me(as a professional piercer) why anyone would think it were a good idea to get there eyelid pierced. I think any piercer who preforms this procedure should be shunned from the piercing community. thats just my opinion though…although it seems like a lot of people on here agree with me. also, i find it very hard to believe that someone would become homeless directly and only from having facial modifications. I’m sure there were other factors/a string of events/bad decision making involved.

  27. @44-Alesita
    You are awesome! That is the funniest thing I have heard in a long time:) And true!!

  28. Honestly. UREA is the biggest idiot and the most obnoxious person alive. “MY NAME IS UREA, MY NAME IS UREA, MY NAME IS UREA.” No Urea, no one cares what your name is and quite frankly it didn’t make me click on your page, even though you copy, pasted, and posted the same thing EVERYWHERE. Worthless human imo.

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  30. its people like you, Ru, that give people in this sort of culture a bad name.
    if you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all.

    so what if its not the safest piercing? so what if you dont like it? it’s not your body, and you dont have to live with it. props to urea for doing something they wanted to do, regardless if it was wise or not, the kids got balls, and i think everyone should be able to respect that. and im sure if you went to brazil and tried to speak their language, they would probably find you obnoxious too.

  31. So after a bit of investigation of Urea’s IAM page, I think UREA is actually the artist who did the piercing insofar as I can understand. The kid in the photo is just a client… which makes it even LESS cool and I have a feeling MORE people will be pissed off at this urea fellow.

    I think that was the point of the repeated “MY NAME IS UREA” messages (ie a link to his iam page)

    I wonder if Urea means something different in portuguese…

  32. I don’t think posting extreme stuff on modblog would be that horrible so long as it was explained very well, and definately listed the things that could go wrong and the consequences that could come up in the future. Seems like modblog use to offer alot more details on modifications and has changed into just a picture and a few sentences about who the person is and a link to there iam.

  33. I think some of these comments are in fair consideration. But a lot of them are out of line and over the limit. What someone does is their choice but for you to go and call someone worthless? That’s over doing it. Let others learn from their mistakes. I could understand if this guy committed murder, but he didn’t. So back off, yeah? It is a stupid piercing, very dumb placement but it was their choice and the piercers choice to do it, if it screws up they will deal with it, not us.

  34. Holy fuck, I didn’t mind Urea so much until I went to his page and saw the earlobe he scallpalled (a few journal entries down) I don’t even have words for the shit. What a hack.

  35. I do have to admit that I have a hard time believe that after the redness subsides the piercing would cause no more irritation afterthe redness subsides. I would really like to see the effect of the ring on the cornea over time, as well as the lid itself. It is deffinately interesting though!

  36. He has a hell of a portfolio, and I’m shocked that he was able to heal those arm implants as well as they did (they’re huge!), but if you look at his later pics, they seem to be migrating hardcore.

    Kinda misogynistic and arrogant too: all of the pictures of his arm (so many) with the background of his girlfriends breasts for no reason.

    Did anyone catch the sub-clavical piercings he did on his friend?

    @ Jojo/the world: Seriously though: seems like a complete hack… just with a huge portfolio.

  37. Here’s an example of what doesn’t appear to be both an eyelid piercing and NOT a completely moronic idea:

    The linked individual makes the eyelid piercing look absolutely stunning.

    There are a couple of differences here that, in my completely unprofessional opinion, seem important.
    1 – the jewelry used is a CBR rather than a curved barbell. It seems like keeping the ball out of your eyeball would be much easier with this setup, and therefore much less likely to cause irritation.

    2 – the placement appears somewhat farther off to the side of the eye in the linked photo. The placement on Urea’s subject seems close enough to the center that, when scanning the horizon, one would constantly be running the iris over the metal, which would be unfortunate…

    3 – the eye itself, as in, the organ, appears much smaller than that of the individual here in relation to the facial structure. Furthermore, the person in the linked photo has deeper-set eyes, allowing for looser skin around the eyes. This seems to give the piercing a lot more room.

    What this really makes apparent to me is that your mods should fit your body. We’re all unique creatures. Just like we can’t all compete in the Olympics because our bodies just don’t work that way, we can’t all accommodate the same body modifications. That’s one of the things I love about this community – a lot of the people featured on ModBlog have thought very damn carefully about the mods they’ve chosen*, and it shows. They’re beautiful.

    We’re fortunate enough, in such an interconnected era, to have a wide variety of aesthetically pleasing, one-size-fits-all mod archetypes: almost everyone looks good with ukiyo-e style tattooing (and common placement of such tattoos) and stretched ears, for example. That’s part of why these types of modifications have been common for so many centuries – they heal well, and never look ridiculous. But.. they don’t always fit perfectly, and they’re not always executed well. So, the ones that do and are end up here, where we have the privilege of viewing extraordinary art.

    Both physiology and aesthetics play a huge role in the rarity of less common mods. Here, I think the physiology plays the larger role because it seems to take a very particular facial conformation to support that sort of piercing (without risking unending irritation or damage). It may also be one for which there really just aren’t that many people who really make that piercing look good…

    Anyway. This is already a lot more than I intended to write… O.o;;

    *…of course, some get silly tattoos, as were posted earlier today, but that’s awesome in a totally different way

  38. “Here’s an example of what doesn’t appear” should read “Here’s an example of what appears to be both” sorry ^^;

  39. i love how the subject is all like ‘i look goooood *pose, pose, pose, funny face, hug self* when one eye is like the worst case of pinkeye ive ever seen and would have most people wearing a damn patch or something.

  40. I can’t help but immediately think of the damage labrets cause to the gums and four lower teeth on the majority of people. How many rubs can an eyeball take before it starts to do damage… or scratch the cornea permanently.

    And yes Urea is the “piercer”, not the person in the photographs.

    #54: The whole “MY NAME IS UREA” thing is the obnoxious message he leaves on people’s pages, in forums, and even on modblog. He is dull and annoying. I would liken him to that of a neglected six year old looking for attention and acting out.

    He doesn’t deserve the attention he’s receiving from this.

  41. holy crap, look at that scalping he did on his iam…their can’t be anything good about that. Would not let this guy near me, all of his peircings even look horrible. Hope this heals up well for that kid, probably won’t.

  42. my question is this:
    what size do you think that kid could stretch the eyelid piercing to? :D

    and translated for the myspace kids who cant get on bmezine:
    “what gauge can he gauge that to?”

  43. why so serious guys…why so much bitching?
    OLD news. These DO heal and besides…what fesh piercings don’t go red after initial piercing?

    Oh, and urea…please just post in your language and i’ll just use google translator to translate what youre saying…at the moment i’m severly struggling to work out exactly what youre saying :/…

  44. Okay, my decidedly non-professional opinion–the pierced eyelids I’ve seen on BME in the past were always pierced quite close to the corner of the eye; since your eyeball doesn’t go all the way out to the corner, I assumed the jewelry wasn’t actually rubbing against the eye on a regular basis. This piercing, meanwhile, is at least a third of the way across the eyelid, so it’s gotta be in contact with his eyeball all the time. And that looks…super painful, and like hack work into the bargain.

  45. Damn, he mentioned that he doesn’t speak English!
    I think posting the link of google means that he tried to translate his portugese sentences into english there and is still waiting someone would post in portugese so that he can finally understand what everybody is talking about.

    This is one of the most irritating discussions I’ve read here.

    - It’s not the first eyelid piercing that has been posted on here, but everybody freaks out
    - so many people didn’t get, that the guy in the photo isn’t a girl and that he isn’t Urea (who also hasn’t been posted the first time)
    - and then, of course it’s flashing that Urea is posting three comments a minute from two different accounts in a language he obviously doesn’t speak

    - all in all everybody is bitching as usual and insulting people they’ve never met before for their personal decisions or their appearance on stupid internet sites in a manner as it would really matter –

    This is like an irish-pub fighting scene in a bad movie, when one guy hits another and seconds later erverybody is rolling on the floor in a big ball of dust, fists and broken noses!

    I always enjoy reading the comments…!

  46. Images that are shared on this website, we are lucky to even see. People are gracious enough to share their mods with us, and yet we turn on them instantly for trying something new.

    We should be grateful that they were willing to share their mod, as well as any pain, pleasure, or what have you along with it. Pictures say a thousand (or more) words.

    Personally, I don’t think it’s a great idea, but the mod is absolutely beautiful. I hope it heals well, and the irritation ceases~. Good luck to him. <3

  47. I agree with #55. Modblog used to keep you informed about a lot of the more extreme things going on out there that you might not come across otherwise because not everyone is a piercer in a big city. It did, however, usuall mention the pro and the con side of everything, the risks, what the rationale was for the person getting it, etc. It gave context to the whole thing and, with the right context, any halfway intelligent person would understand it wasn’t posted so everyone else would run out and do it. It was posted so people who weren’t lucky enough to be surrounded by and hanging out with the modification celebrities could have a window into what was going on out there.

    If you see someone on Modblog who wanted to pierce their eyeball and go blind, then fine, that’s their decision. There would probably have been some kind of interview, all sorts of “how has this changed / messed with your life” questions, and we’d understand, if not agree with, why they did it. It wouldn’t have been posted as just a picture with a clever quip and a boob or penis somehow shoehorned into the shot, somehow implying a recommendation that you go out and do it so that you can be cool and surrounded by your choice of sexual organs too.

    Besides, I doubt the guy or girl getting their eyeballs pierced would do it to see themselves on modblog. (You see it’s funny because… oh nevermind, if you didn’t get it then you don’t get it.)

  48. I agree with #71.

    I think the paternalism wafting from this entry is ever so slightly ironic due to the very nature of this site/community.

    At first I thought that this post was actually very responsible – a good idea. But even with the best intentions, the majority of people who come here again and again are those already aware of their limits, whether they be physical, metal, emotional, spiritial, or even the limits of their own responsibility – i.e. in terms of getting a job.

    I don’t think modblog should be held responsible for those far too hungry for attention. If people change themselves for attention then it’s their own fault if they can’t turn back.

  49. I agree with 55 and kinda with 71. The “extreme” modifications are interesting to look at and consider the limits of the human body; and modblog used to have rather well thought-out information. Now it’s a lot of “look at this isn’t it cool?” stuff, which is nice and all [and I'm a sucker for wordplay] but doesn’t have the same level of content or context…..I’m not saying “extreme” mods are inherently more meaningful or interesting, but it seems that before there was as much self-policing about them that the posts in general were more interpersonal. I know y’all have busy lives, but much of the content for the past year or two has seemed a lot more rushed, like “we gotta update modblog!” There’s definitely been some nice posts in that time, too; so I hope I’m not coming off too much as “CHANGE SUX :I”, but it does seem like 70% of updates are something I can glance at and move on; nothing really grabs in and makes me wanna stare at it or comment.

    I can appreciate that rarer mods should be treated with more dignity so as not to get caught up in some sort of body-modification race [I understand that, too. I've met people who are not even 23 with full sleeves and 1 1/2 inch lobes! It's like they need to get all their mods done before they turn 30 or they're not "really" living!] But I think that having those more liberally scattered in keeps us on our toes and reminds everyone of the personal nature of body modification; from risk-heavy eyelid piercings, to silly finger-moustaches.

    &Yeah I think this post can be counted for that; even if the piercer is being a dick [or someone on his behalf is.]

  50. oh me too?!
    HELLO MY NAME IS UREA visit my iam plxplxplxplxplx plx!!!!!!!!111oneone!!!!?!1!!nineleven!!11!!!!

  51. I’m happy to see the “extreme” stuff healed.
    A healed eyelid piercing would be impressive. Another fresh one is just a flamewar about how stupid the idea is waiting to happen.

  52. It used to be that the actions of scenesters didn’t dictate what BME did and didn’t do. But now, apparently, Rachel’s trying to act responsible by pandering to immature, mentally unstable individuals who will go further with their modifications than they wouldn’t done otherwise, just to get on ModBlog. Bravo, Rachel, you’re setting the standard every time you post.

  53. Much ado about nothing? Ok, the first few images here are looking bad. Watching the blog on Ureas site reveals, that it seems to heal well. So the question to Rachel – why not adding these pictures?

    Yes it is dangerous to do eyelid piericngs, but they worked repetatively. Obviously it depens on the very exact placement of the pierrcing, which should hoover a fraction of a millimeter above the eye. Indeed the first photos looked like “it scratches the eye, epic fail, dangerous, may cause blindness” Thats also due to quite bad photography (whar you’d need to see, you don’t).

    Finally, after some days, the pictures added into Ureas blog reveal a happy and not irritated eye with the pierced eyelid. So obviously it was not done bad, but it was showcased here, in a way letting it look seriously bad.

    Surely a misunderstanding, I guess, but one which caused 77 (now) enraged quarreling posts, for nothing. And additionally I had to read quite unfair argumentation against one, who does not speak English (which also could have been mentioned before, it maybe hjas a reason why his IAM site is in Spanisch language…

  54. Stormchaser: Urea sent in more photos recently in fact i just received them today and am in the process of processing them ahead of others just see if i might have images to forward along to Rachel to post. Unfortunately out of the some 40 images he sent only one is in focus enough to actually tell that there is a ring in the eyelid. The eye ball appears happy in this photo but i have not examined it to any great detail and personally don’t intend to. I suspect Urea will be supplying us with many more photos as the healing progresses. And for the record Urea’s native language is (Brazilian) Portuguese.

    But in al seriousness, is this a serious post? seriously?!

    The piercing is obviously badly executed. A quick glance at thus Urea’s portfolio op IAM and his fotolog will tell he’s not the kind of piercer to be put in the spotlight nor to set an example for the world to see.

    People don’t complain about the fact that there isn’t enough “extreme” and “cool” stuff on bme lately, we complain because the majority is dangerous, badly done and unprofessional. We complain about the ” sudden” lack of interest and thought being put in to the posts. We complain about the bad publicity the industry is getting.

    I personally rather see a very wel done navelpiercing, then a horribly done scarification. And whats that about there being no “leaps and bounds in progress and advancements in the modification world that there used to be in the beginning of this decade”? Again, seriously? I really think it’s rather insulting to make such statements. It seems to imply that the only progress we can make is inventing new, silly piercings or mods that make your stomachs turn. How about focussing on technique, amazing quality jewelry, propper aftercare and hygene? And How about ART? How about looking forward and improving, instead of looking back and pointing fingers? How about looking past the shock-value for a change, and post something interesting.

    Without knowing it, you are really sinking your own ship.

  56. Wow, this looks disgusting fresh. Will be interested to see what it does in the long run.

  57. “Yes it is dangerous to do eyelid piericngs, but they worked repetatively. Obviously it depens on the very exact placement of the pierrcing, which should hoover a fraction of a millimeter above the eye.”

    There can be no such thing as an eyelid piercing “hovering a fraction of a milimeter above the eye.” By its very nature, having this type of piercing means jewellery touching the eye, and any foreign body constantly rubbing against the eye cannot be good.

  58. What a fucking stupid idea.


  59. ugh. this creeps me out. not so much the piercing, but i can’t stand looking at that red eye. must hurt.not in a good way.

  60. No, Urea doesn’t mean ANYTHING in portuguese.

    Reminds me of uréia, a compound of urina, basically, urine. Pee.

    Is Urea pee?

    This eyes piercing looks really dumb each time I take a look at it.

  61. No mod is worth risking the loss of vision. Although I do recall eyeball tattooing on Modblog a little while ago, which is slightly more extreme imho. The piecing may always be removed and healed once it proves to be too irritating to live with, which should be a neat and clean reversal of this experiment, provided keloid scarring doesn’t ensue.

  62. @87, Urea is how we as well as other mammals, some amphibians/birds/fish excrete nitrogen wastes through our urine. As opposed to Ammonia for most fish and uric acid for most birds.

  63. I agree the Jake, let this irresponsibility die. that is not an appropriate place for a piercing.

  64. He is tots beautiful & I love his androgyny.
    Also his peircing is rad…wish I had the guts

  65. I’m tired of looking at this god forsaken red eyeball…. [2]

    Eu fico imaginando pro cidadão dormir… Já apareceram algumas coisas escrotas (sim, curiosas), no BMEzine… Mas claro que uma das mais escrotas TINHA que vir do Brasil… ¬¬’

  66. Very very tired of looking at that eyeball, it hurts me every time.

    Now tattoo’d penis’s ? Meh no click through needed for me but this!?! Red eye ball?!? I want a click through :P

  67. I’m sick of this gross eyeball.

    I can’t believe there haven’t been any updates since nov 3rd as well! Its ridiculous, modblog used to have one post a day or at least one every second, this weeks summary will be 2 things; one of which the fucking eyeball. If Rachel can’t handle it, let some enthusiastic bodymod blogger post also!

  68. maybe someone just needs to perform a DIY frontal-lobe piercing to stop this kind of thing from continuing.

  69. Some interesting comments on this one, I see: I think most people seem to agree that it’s probably a “bad idea”. But it’s certainly not a new idea: anyone else remember this article that BME first published in May 2004?

    The conclusion was that it was a bad idea then, too. Doesn’t stop people from still trying it, though!

  70. is it fair to maybe assume that the person wanted this done for the photos? a ‘look what i did!’ kind of thing, which i m sure i recall seeing along the way on bme.
    so thanks to that guy for having it done and giving everyone something to talk about, what else could i have spent ten minutes reading every comment on?

  71. ha..haha…hahaha

    I wish someone would punch him in his big nasty red eye

    That would probably do some real damage.

    Can we make a click through of that???

  72. I like it how when I post a comment in portuguese only saying that this looked a little dangerous and that it could damage his eye my comment gets deleted/never shows up but other people are translating nonsense or telling him its ugly those are up right away.

    oh yeah, the first time I saw this I thought it was a fucking stupid idea then, still is and Urea….dude you are as annoying as all fuck, we all know what your name is and that you’re from brazil STFU!

  73. for someone who can only manage to type “I am Urea live in Brazil”. I can see how that razor sharp wit could make a decision to pierce an eyelid.

    I laughed at 100, frontal lobe, it’ll happen one day, probably by an eyebrow piercing gone horribly wrong.

  74. more of the irritation the piercing will cause to the eye, what about cleaning it? i mean a saline solution probably shouldnt be that salty to wear it would hurt your eye more, but regardless.. i dont know this just seems like a really bad idea and i do nooot understand why someone would do this except for maybe the hype? who knows !

  75. Hey look another worthless piece of moronic shit got posted on modblog. No fucking way!

  76. Please update and bump this shit from the top of the page. UREA you are consistently the most annoying sonovabitch roaming IAM. Please allow something terrible to happen to your fingers so you can never translate your stupidity into readable text again. Thanks.

  77. Don’t hold your breath on the update, everyone that runs modblog is a complete idiot or a money hungry bitch, and neither makes for anything productive.

  78. I have seen alot people say bad talk about urea. you people that do talk must apologise.

    modblog going bad.

  79. If you read the whole post, then you’d see there is cause for a bit of a delay, just gotta read the fine print. Get off the intenet for a while, unwind with a cup of tea or a good book, or THE good book if its your cup of tea, and relax. Things might pick up in a little while.

  80. I remember when i looked forward to visiting modblog daily because of new and interesting things and new and interesting people. Now it’s just out of habit, which is too bad. I guess when you’re rich and you’ve stolen everything you wanted you figure you can just keep dealing the same dull product. New idea! BME bracelets that match your affliction shirt, skinny jeans and chuck taylors.

  81. jesus when did poeple get this pathetic i think weve deleveloped too much time for the internet lol

  82. Something I wouldn’t recommed? Bothering with modblog anymore. I also find myself checking it daily, out of habit more than anything else. Guess it’s time to break that habit.

    I’m reminded of when the Ghostbusters are forced to choose the form of the destroyer. They all try to clear their minds so that no choice will be made, but Dan Akyroyd’s character accientally thinks of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man who then shows up as a giant and tries to destroy the world. I guess someone here accidentally thought of Rachel.

  83. Truth hurts eh Rachel? It’s ok you didn’t let my last comment go thru. You read it, that’s why I tried to post it. I figure if enough of us tell you how much you suck at running this site, you might finally realize we’re right and sell it back to the one person who actually could run it. Give up Rachel, you suck ass.

  84. Here is my original comment
    Rachel – you should sell the site back to the person you stole it from now while it’s still actually worth something (though not much). You keep it up and the site won’t be worth shit very soon. I’m very serious when I say this, it’s obvious you’re not doing any good trying to keep this place alive.

  85. Haha – I just figured out any reply that contains the name of Rachel’s husband (the person who started this site) doesn’t get posted. Nice!

  86. Are you serious Mitch? That’s ridiculous. I guess she’s just so hurt that everyone prefers someone that can run a decent site or something.

    And when they come out with the bracelets maybe instead of just selling sex toys in the store they can make special BME ones so she can jack up the price of them too. And pretty soon we can ALL pay for IAM sites as a monthly sub with no other options.


    This site is so ridiculously fucking terrible. I hope she falls down a fucking flight of stairs and breaks her neck.

  87. My first comment went through and now my second with his name is being moderated.

    You’re fucking pathetic Rachel.

  88. Wow! You guys are ruthless! Why are you being soooo mean? Give Rachel a break. She clearly has alot going on in her life and most of it is alot more important than pleasing you jerks. We are lucky to have BME and what if one day it wasn’t here anymore? Then what? I think that pictures should be posted on Modblog without the option of leaving any comments. Then all of you negative people can keep your nasty, vicious comments and ideas to yourselves.
    Rachel, I am sorry you have to deal with such ungrateful, immature assholes. :(

  89. Seriously.. get off Shannon’s nuts and grow the fuck up!! I think the suckage of the site directly correlates with the number of whiney fucks who come here to bash instead of add anything of value. For me, Modblog has not sucked until the past month with you Rachel haters complaining about everything. Don’t like what she’s doing? Go start your own shit!!! You are the lamest bunch of hating pukes I’ve ever encountered.

  90. So jordan has either left or quit and now there is no one left to run Modblog but rachel. It’s a sinking ship and all that are left are the rats.

    It’s times like these that I miss (that is before it got stolen as well).

  91. How dare you say things like that Stephanie!
    That is absolutely heartless and rude.
    I’ve said it before- Rachel is a good girl, and a good friend.
    Wishing harm on ANYONE is childish.
    Obviously, if you do not like the site, you don’t need to visit it, or be a part of the community.
    It really bothers me that people such as yourself get so worked up, angry, and aggro over something so petty as a website.

    BME and IAM are still very much community based and community run. Sure, so Modblog hasn’t been updated that often lately- did you ever stop to think that was because Rachel was a little busy with other site related stuff?
    Bet ya didn’t.
    And if you want to see new pics, well, I know Phil does pretty frequent updates to the main site- go have a look see over there.. Oh wait- you can’t leave nasty comments there.. not as fun, right?

    I am just stunned that you would wish something like that on her. How very cruel.

  92. And as a side note- BMEshop carries a whole lot more than just sex toys. Did you realize we have over 5,000 items in stock? Cause we do.. incredible books, DVDs, apparel, jewelry, supplies, and very few sex toys.

  93. I am not to impressed by the way UREA handles himself, if all you have to do is laugh at yourself with the work you present then i will laugh with you(or at you). maybe consider stopping what you do if your not mature enough or professional enough to present yourself to the public.

  94. as much as this post isn’t my thing, what bothers me more are all these negative assholes commenting… at least when it’s aimed directly at one person… isn’t that a little childish of us?

  95. Sending love and positivity your way, Rachel. Thank you for everything you do. I’m just glad I have a site to go to at all for this sort of thing. This site has helped me and guided me for many years with my various body modifications.

    Love the pictures, love the experiences, love the shop, love the blog. I’m sorry for all of the people so wound up with the little things. Negativity like that is so sad. Love ya, girl. And thank you.

  96. it seems like it takes a little bit more than some frustrations with the content of a blog to get to the point where you wish a potentially fatal injury on someone. i legitimately hope you don’t drive a motor vehicle, the potential for road rage is terrifying. in all seriousness stephanie, perhaps take some time away from the computer and find some sort of an outlet. your posts are going from just plain mean to fucked up. try and relax a bit… being so wound up all the time isn’t good for your body or mind.

  97. I like this website. CAN’T SAY I “LOVE” IT! But I def like it. I do also like BMESHOP, but as you know Meg I am unhappy with my most recent purchase ( although the goodies you put in with it were nice ) This site does need a moderator who will update it and weed out the dipshits. Since Jordan? left for whatever reason it may be, the site has slowed down. Without new updates it isn’t as interesting. I can also say that it sucks you charge so much for full access, everything is user submitted, and with Rachel being the only one right now it is profit for the most part. What you have here is a good thing but it does need work (IAM being more user friendly). The prices at BMEShop are decent for the most part. To some it up, I do not wish harm or anything bad to Rachel, I do advise that she might want to keep posts updated (or post to why there has been no recent updates) or she risks losing her fanbase which is also her money makers.. Anyhow, good job for the most part.

  98. I seriously regret getting a BME tattoo.

    @meg- As a community we have a right to protest and discuss freely the things that effect our community. and telling people to just leave is totalitarian and useless. i say if you are opposed to the free thought that caused such rapid growth in the community in the first place…. then YOU can leave.

    i cant say how long youve been around meg, but if you were here in the days of the previous unmentionable owner, then you have to know the quality has drastically declined.

    and as for the BME shop…. its all crap. the cool shirts are gone. the good bodymod equipment isnt in stick. no skewering needles. no syringes, nothings fun or cool anymore. hell even the forceps are a lame brand.

    toss off.

    p.s. Im getting my BME tattoo covered up in a week, maybe if i post them they will get modblogged????? yeah right.

  99. Its always funny when Modblog isn’t updated for a day or two. Then all the assholes have to fester for a bit.

    Which is usually when all the little whiny ones put in their 2 cents. Then if you don’t put anything new on modblog for a day or so more, is when you start getting people wishing for your death!

  100. if this site isnt changing for the better we are certainly not helping change by commenting and wasting our time blogging to thin air no offense to rachel just saying enough is enough we just have to wait in time and let the officail owners sort things out and maybe bme i hope starts running back up again
    nikk wny get rid of your bme tattoo when u could in soem way make it positive like in memory of good days , but times do change soem thign like becaus ein heart ur still bme hard core

  101. nikk. I really have to question how YOU have been around if you don’t know MissMeg. As a forum member and frequent poster I guarantee that she has done much more for the community than you could ever hope to.

    Now, I am by now means a fan of the direction the site has taken as of late; but I have to say that if you are going to claim to be some sort of authority because you went out and got a BME for life tattoo, don’t prove otherwise in the very same post by showing how out of touch with the actually members of the community you are.

  102. Really? After reading all these over-the-top harsh comments on this post and MINE didn’t even make it through?
    Rofl, are you truly fucking serious?
    Modblog, please stop being lame.

  103. Maybe everyone should just turn the net off for a few days , relax and stop stressing over nothing.

  104. Has everyone griping about the frequency of Modblog updates even read the previous Modblog updates????

    To brief:
    BME is currently understaffed for writers. Rachel has put out a call for fresh writers who have something new to offer the community. This is a decision I’m thankful isn’t being made overnight!
    Jordan has left his post writing for Modblog.
    Rachel has taken time out her busy schedule and PRIVATE LIFE (which everyone’s entitled to, despite how you think our “community” operates.) to give us a couple updates to tide the Modblog fans (or Trolls) over.
    She also mentioned she’s going to be out of town.
    I think Rachel’s doing great keeping everyone updated as much as possible. I think it’s apalling that she feels the need to entertain the assholes who post things wishing harm to her to justify her public absence. She doesn’t need to do that! Her private personal life is her own business.
    Don’t like the way BME is being run anymore?
    Make your own damn site~!
    What kind of person are you to wish harm on someone because you’re not getting your daily dose of Modblog?? Wow… take up knitting or something!.

  105. I pretty much come here for the shitstorm in the comments, with the incidental pictures being a nice addition.

  106. the comments in here seem to be really harsh…quit bitching and saying such horrible things about people. It doesn’t help anything get posted any faster. Just enjoy the pictures you do get, or go to the travesty that is inkednation for fucks sake…or as Lexi said, start your own site. BME is the only site of its kind and has plenty more to offer than just modblog people.

  107. yea, this is not the first time an eyelid piercing has been on modblog.
    extreme stuff is interesting. stupid? maybe. cool? yes. be grateful you’re getting interesting content.
    i don’t have an opinion on this type of modification as of yet and i really do not care to be honest. your body is your own, do what you want with it.

    also it’s kind of annoying that only the pictures of the irritated eye were posted and not the shots of when it was first done or of it healing better.

  108. MissMeg – With the hundreds of great submissions to this site each day it’s not asking much to have someone post an article.

    If you really think no one would write for this site for free then think again because there are many great writers on IAM who could come up with some great articles. I dont see the harm in having some guest writer spots, its really just a matter of sending some emails off.

    If no one running the site has the time to update it then get the community involved before there is no community left.

    I know thats the ‘idea’ to get IAM/MODBLOG etc streamlined into some community content internet2.0 deal but that should be put on the back burner as the site in its current state is not being run properly (The feedback shows this).

    BME is a business and those involved should take a long look if they actually want to turn it into something really profitable or not. There is soooo much that could be done with this site so quickly if the right people were involved…


  109. On that note, if you think you can write a good article why not have a look at some recent submissions and give it a go!

    [email protected] is where I would email them, who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky and Rachel might post some guest writer spots for you?

    If the shit really has hit the fan for the time being in the BME office then I don’t see how they wouldn’t be more than happy to welcome some community submissions for Modblog.

  110. I’m pretty sure that if she could, Rachel would gladly give up BME and give it back to you know who. Instead, she goes through the shit of people whing and complaining becasue the site isn’t what they want. She has to defend the site from lawsuits and she gets her life threatened. For what? For a buch of grommets with nothing else better to do than bitch. Seriously folks – there’s more to life than a ModBlog update.

  111. Dandy, if you’d bothered to look at rachel’s IAM page recently you’d have seen the post asking for authors for modblog.

    Steev-O, I doubt that she would give up something that she fought so hard to get and apparently valued over her daughter.

    One last thing, instead of posting three entries on one day why not use the handy feature in WordPress that allows you to set dates in the future that way when someone get’s the time they can post a few articles and have them show up days later. It’s been done in the past by the previous owner of the site.

  112. Meh, bme has become the walmart of the mod scene.

    Making the decision to not feature the cutting edge of things means no one is pushing the envelope so we have the same stale mods that just get more popular and will fade in time to something else.

    I feel the same way about bme now as i did when i saw a new savage mag the other day. No tits, no cussing, corporate sponsorship all over, they just did what they had to do to sell shit. Gratz bme, you’ve sold to your target audience, too bad you lost the one that helped build you.

  113. Good job on focusing on one part of what I said and not the rest.

    Here’s a little story for you.

    It took me forever before I finally decided to get my bme for life tattoo, and I did it because BME was what really brought me into the scene and helped me to understand as much as I could about it. BME was the reason for my first suspension, my first piercings, my friends all around the world with body modification in common.

    When I came home from getting that tattoo, and I tried to log on to IAM to post pictures of the tattoo, it was down. Why? Because that was the day that Rachel took over. The very DAY that I got my tattoo was the day that BME would cease to exist as we know at and become this hollow shell of what it once was.

    So yeah, you could say I’m a little bitter. I move around the country constantly and use my IAM as a way of finding suspension groups, shops, and a few friends in an otherwise lonely new city.

    I mean look at what everything has become? She decided, in 2008 apperantly, to not post “extreme” content on Modblog, but from the looks of it, it seems to also include anything new, really different, groundbreaking… or anything really worth reading about. The only posts I have enjoyed any time in the past months are the nice scarification pieces. Everything else seems to be “hey look this girl has her nostril pierced”, or ” check out this stretched piercing with something stupid in it” or even “hey look at the same tattoos you see every time you’re in a mall or see a piece of flash.”

    In no way what-so-ever has she even attempted to keep things remotely the same. Every change I have noticed has been for the worst, especially with this new censorship. These are not the things that BME were founded upon and for. It’s so sad to see something that was once so dear to me wither away into nothing, but I suppose nothing lasts.

  114. i think i love you stephanie
    complete agreement with your post and opinions on this subject.

  115. stephanie…seriously. Grow up and realise that what youve been posting is simply all thats in the name; modBLOG. It’s a blog. Simple as that and Rachel’s had a LOT more to deal with than anything I think any of us here on the BME communtity could understand. Sure this doest mean that because of this that modblog should not be updated for days and days at a time but thats just how it is. It’s not like she’s getting a ridiculos amount of money to post the articles and pictures. It’s all done because she wants to not because she has to. Compassion = Go find some before you make your stupid idiotic remarks like ‘When I came home from getting that tattoo, and I tried to log on to IAM to post pictures of the tattoo, it was down. Why? Because that was the day that Rachel took over. The very DAY that I got my tattoo was the day that BME would cease to exist as we know at and become this hollow shell of what it once was.’

    If people out there truly care about the md scene they would be out there in the real world exeriencing it or contributing by sending their stories or pictures. NOT by sitting at their own little computer chair pressing the F5 button every five minutes waiting for an update.
    (excuse the mass of type-OH’s in there…I cbf atm as its 3:20am where I am right now and I should be sleeping ugh).

  116. I couldn’t agree more with stephanie’s message, even if I don’t necessarily agree with the angry way she has delivered it. I think for a lot of people, BME was how we got into mods. BME has been a place where we could grow and be excepted. Bme used to be a community. What it is now, falls far short of it’s past. Now it seems that there are two main types of Modblog commentators; the angry poster, who is upset about the direction this site is headed and lashes out, and the happy poster, who hopes everything will go back to normal if they just be nice. I think both groups need to grow up. The angry posters need to realize that the hateful post need to be scaled back, from shear rage and murder to a concerned reaction to an unfortunate situation. The happy posters need to realize that it is ok for people to voice their dissension, that is what an active, involved community allows and supports. Honestly, I just feel bad that the service that was provided to me when I needed (a community that actively made me feel accepted) is not being provided to a younger generation who need it more.

  117. Wow woozy, if you don’t like what I say that much then don’t fucking read it or comment about it! Since that’s obviously what we’re all expected to do.

  118. I apologise woozy – I’m just being a bit of an ass because I am sad and lonely with little else to do than to check this site repeatedly. It makes my day, it really does. Forgive me? Lol!

  119. To all of you ignorant shitheads, and brilliant individuals who are so publicly stating their disdain and anathema for their BME-related tattoos:
    Get the fuck off BME if you have such an issue with it. Rachel (and plenty of other individuals) work their asses off to maintain this massive website, and have plenty of other shit going on that is most likely more important than modblog, at times.

    I think it is hilariously ironic that you’re posting with such vitriol and anger, whilst having the target of your fury permanently marked on your body. Maybe it’s time for you to have an introspective moment and think about why you got that tattoo. Was it because body modification changed your life, or was it because you thought modblog was “super cool and edgy” and you had to have a monument to it indelibly marked on you? I hope your answer would be that body modification, in some way/shape/form, affected you positively. Then again, maybe I’m putting too much faith in you.

    If we wake up tomorrow and this domain has been sold to a shit fetish website or a fucking Snuggie retailer, it does not change a goddamn thing about why you got that tattoo. Grow up and do something constructive instead of anonymously attacking people who’s life and work you have no business judging.

  120. Also, Stephanie, can you post a link to your page so we can see your beautiful face? I’d also love to see the monumental contributions you’re making to society that somehow enable you to pass judgment so easily ;)

  121. Stephanie. Yeah, the timing of your tattoo sucked. But didn’t the previous owner of the site give us notice weeks, if not months, in advance that things were in the works and that there would be changes in the very near future?

  122. I hate to break this to everyone people defending this the site and the ones against it, you all know this is just a website right?

    this is about as much a community as face book or myspace would be….

    this site is just like myspace to be infact or highschool…. either or

    i just dont really get bashing or defending a website or the people behind it?

    it just seems to petty to me to say all this the shit people are saying

    and then giveing them combacks to reply to doesnt help

    its just a website…..i could give to shits if rachel is a “bitch that stole the site” i dont care about that
    if i died tomorrow would bme care? no
    the like 10 people i stay in close contact with might
    but this vast ” community”
    same as the rest of you.

    but pretty much all im saying its a website chill the fuck out..

  123. “…Was it because body modification changed your life, or was it because you thought modblog was “super cool and edgy””
    I lol’d.

    I want a modblog tattoo!

  124. i dont really care what gets said, or who is ruining what for whatever reason. all i know is that this has completely entertained me all weekend.


  126. i think it’s funny how everyone is saying that if you have complaints about this site then you should not come here. kind of reminds me of when the war was starting up and all the right wingers were telling protestors that they should leave america if they don’t like it.

  127. Nunca vi um brazileiro postar algumas fotos aqui no ModBlog e ter tantos comentários assim. Interessante mais estranho [2].

  128. @162- thats exactly how i feel.
    to all the people saying its the lack of updates, its not the lack of updates but the quality of the site in general. now if the site turns around starts being reliable and posting all the cool mods i can see on IAM and many other places on here, then I will eat my shoe.

  129. I have seen people with HEALED eyelid piercings. They seem to enjoy them actually and find little discomfort. I myself would never do it, but aesthetically I find them to be quite eye catching (I’m so punny).

  130. If you don’t like this war then get out of the country!

    Oh wait, we’re still talking about Modblog aren’t we…

  131. Stephanie, you are such a stupid cunt. Everyone can be a hardass if they’re anonymous. Sure, I may not like some things about how the site has changed, but this isn’t my site to run, so I accept it. BME is still BME. It’s not You are being so so so ridiculously excessive, and I feel embarrassed for being a member of IAM knowing that you are a member as well. Fuck off.

  132. Oh man, just went and read all the comments. This did become interesting. Just reminds me that not everyone in the world is as intelligent as I’m used to, being in community college and all. Lol, how stupid do you all get around here?

  133. muna i cant tell if your joking or not?

    eric your a dick, and im embarrassed to say that I even share a planet with you.

    stephanie is right, its the same feeling most of us have, you just wont see our posts because they get censored or deleted. regardless of how our words are written, whether eloquent or not, if they reflect negatively on the current regime, they are deleted.

  134. Oh, I’m sorry. I missed the part where this was a democracy.

    It’s one thing to politely recommend things, it’s another to throw tantrums and insults around like a spoiled 12 year old. We don’t ELECT people to run this website, they do it because they’re passionate about it and because people think highly enough of it to keep submitting new material. There are plenty of other sites out there and there’s a lovely, new development in the world of the internet: the search engine. I suggest you find one, shop around, and then learn to appreciate the hard work that goes into this site in comparison to the others out there.

    Stephanie: once again, you have proved to be a faceless coward. Wishing death upon someone who runs the site you’re patronizing is distasteful if your face and actions can be evaluated by your peers (or based on intellect and tact, your superiors), but talking shit without allowing any returned criticism is just fucking pathetic. My guess? You’re a butthurt fan girl who was obviously not emotionally and mentally prepared to have an image tattooed on them for the rest of their life. I would further hypothesize that you absolutely, no doubt, did it for “cool points” with your buddies/adoring internet guppies. Now that it’s evolving to be more considerate of people who are negatively affected by irresponsible mod artists who just do procedures for attention and notoriety, it’s not “pushing the envelope” to your liking. Instead of assessing the situation and finding some logic in their reasoning, you make assumptions and personal attacks. Bravo, madame, you have completely made yourself look like an irrational bitch to an extensive audience.
    If I’m wrong, prove me wrong. Show some fucking intestinal fortitude and respond to my previous post. Make sure there’s something “witty” at the end too…we’re all having a good laugh looking at your earlier bullshit.

  135. Hey watch how much I care about what some moron btard has to say about anything ever? Just because you think you know everything, it doesn’t actually mean that you do. Sitting and making assumptions because I got that far under your skin is really just kind of sad.

  136. Shitstorm now upgraded to Category 1 Shiurricane.

    Grats guys; this thread is now more about your personal issues and less about an interesting Mod.

    Still entertaining though.

  137. ChrisB. I wish more than anything that I could shake your hand right now. Bravo. Bravo. Bravo.

    Stephanie. You want “extreme”? Read and re-read ChrisB’s matter of fact breakdown of the personality and apparent motives that you have presented to this community. Now THAT was “extreme”

  138. I feel that we should have more extreme content on modblog because it’s the reason why i read said site. I am not into heavier mods myself but it always astonishes me what the human body can do. I’m sorry but 90% of the tattoos on this site lack the flair that i crave, that something deserves to be modblogged needs.

    I am not dissing the site but i don’t really like the change i did like the post frequency and the more extreme content that Shannon posted. The site is still a good resource to network and see new ideas I support it but the change is difficult.

  139. BME has changed.
    Some for the better, some not.
    To say Rachel stole the site is ignorant in it’s most spot on sense. You don’t know the deal she signed. I beg her to release numbers. She won’t. To release emails. She won’t. I think one of her greatest failures is her unwillingness to just lay it all on the table. Not the sycophants would care, but at least for people on the fence it might help.

    If there’s really a filter blocking the original owner’s name, that’s a shame. I loved him for years. Things changed with him, and with BME. I didn’t like the changes in either. Sure, I’ve heard the behind the scenes shittalking, but that’s my fault for not laying MY cards on the table about why our friendship ended. Everyone, myself included, seems to be holding our cards too close to our chests. So I’m as big of a hypocrite as anyone, I guess.

    But he did create the site, and if there IS a filter, that’s totally not cool in my opinion. I love Rachel enough to not pull punches and if that’s the case, I’m disappointed.

  140. That said, I prefer BME and Modblog the way it is NOW. That was originally in the post above, but I accidentally deleted it.

  141. Wow, this thread got interesting.

    ChrisB, I agree with everything you said. Stephanie, if BME isn’t “OMG HARDCORE” enough for you, I suggest you go elsewhere. Modblog should be about the interesting, not necessarily the extreme.

    As for eyelid piercings, well… I gotta be honest, I think they’re stupid. I know people who have lost their sight, or have terrible trouble with their eyes – Seriously, your eyes are fucking important, you should treasure them, not put them at risk.

  142. Sweet baby jesus. Rachel should be thanked for keeping this site ALIVE. She could have easily got it off you-know-who (i have been told there is a filter on his name, which is a little childlike) by whatever means she did and then sold it off to someone else, or got rid of it completely.You arseholes should be grateful she had the courage to attempt to run it . Sure, maybe what she did was a little unconventional.. but if you feel that strongly about it…..GET THE FUCK OFF BME.Stephanie, stop being a childlike cuntflap. Don’t you think rachel has enough on her plate?? Dealing with her life threatening illness? Fending off claims and accusations about what really happened? DEALING WITH CUNTS LIKE YOU WISHING HER DEATH?
    Go fuck yourself.
    As for every other sane and stable person here, kudos to you for staying calm and not hunting this stephanie down and kicking the shit out of her.
    . Warborn, (61) what the hell :/
    Rachel, I dont know you well enough to judge you but in light of what you have maintained, and how you have dealt with this, i think you deserve a little more appreciation. Just my opinion, i know it will be contested….

    Urea = Your a fucktard, yeah? :D

  143. This seems to have gotten a little bit out of hand. Anyway, about the eyelid piercing. I’ve seen some heal really well, and I’ve seen some that ended in complete disaster. I personally have never and will never pierce an eyelid. I think it’s way to risky and it’s not a risk I’m willing to take. The only hands-on experience I’ve ever had with an eyelid piercing was when one of the tattooers at my studio wanted me to change the jewelry in his eyelid piercing. I was terrified just to change the jewelry! The piercing was completely healed and looked good. His was more toward the corner of his eye rather than in the middle. His description of the actual process was horrific. There’s no way I could do that. Even just changing the jewelry was tough. His eye was pouring tears like a faucet. It was hard to work in such a limited area. During the process of changing the jewelry, he decided to just keep it out. He described it as being more trouble than it was worth.

  144. One final note…..Does anyone find it ironic that we’re being advised against messing with our eyes by an individual who had a “jewel” implanted onto their actual eyeball?

  145. Right now all I said was modblog doesn’t have enough extreme stuff? If you’re going to respond to what I say then at least fucking read it first.

    If I want to see post after post of standard boring shit I’ll join some stupid facebook group or one of those check out my sweet tats sites. What’s next? A post on tribal tramp stamps and barbed wire armbands?

  146. I’m with ChrisB on this one. School playground insults and death wishes have no place in an adult discussion. If you want your point of view to be taken seriously, people should be able to see who you are and what you stand for.

    I also happen to think that Shawn’s hit the nail on the head. There’s nothing like secrecy, half truths – and censorship – to give your opponents all the ammunition they need, as well as making the “neutrals” wonder just exactly what it is you’re trying to cover up.

  147. Whatever happened to the love! Regardless of who owns or runs bme, its still an entity on its own and i think the interweb is better for it. Ive learned to bypass any ownership or whatever problems and still enjoy the site for its content…which is why were all here right?

  148. Anybody who gets a tattoo of a website, band, book, or other piece of pop culture is stupider than the person who got an eyeball piercing. The piercing’s easier to take out if you decide you don’t like it later.

  149. ChrisB sums it up so well.

    And Stephanie… the fact that you have a BME tattoo and you bitch and cry about the site makes me LOL.

    You really do suck the big one don’t ya Steph?

    Keep up the good work Rachel.

  150. V- I went to Faye’s Iam page and saw no mention of an eye implant but at the same time I cant really surf her page because I’m not a member so it’s possible that its not mentioned where i can see.

  151. @UREA – lawl. bad troll is bad.

    Don’t try to troll people, in english, if you can’t even form a coherent sentence in the language.

    Moving on- the idea of the piercing is interesting, but that eyeball looks quite angry. Reminds me of the girls trying to heal and keep rejecting navel piercings for the sake of being able to say “i have a navel piercing”, even though they’re all red and inflamed and nasty looking. IMO, this is beyond matters of whether or not the piercing itself looks good, why would anyone want to keep something that makes their eye all red and irritated looking?

  152. Xenobiologista- that’s a rather broad and sweeping generalization, don’t you think? I may be biased because I’m one of those “idiots,” but I think the same could be said for any tattoo.

  153. It’s a shame I once actually considered Stephanie someone I’d call friend. She doesn’t need to post her last name for me to know exactly who that is and why she’s saying the things she is.

    I don’t think there’s any “filter” on Shannon’s name but it’s interesting that these things take on a life of their own fed by vicious lies by people who have nothing better to do than troll the internet and inject themselves into situations they know nothing about and have never been a part of. Stephanie, it’s disappointing to see you behave this way, Though I must say this has been one interesting comment thread. I can’t wait to see what kind of bashing I’ll get when I start posting to ModBlog. Something to look forward to!

  154. “I hope she falls down a fucking flight of stairs and breaks her neck.”

    This comment is disgusting. Regardless of what you think about the website, anyone that posts something like this has serious mental problems. Anyone who would say something like that has screws loose. You’re a grown woman Stephanie, try to behave like one. That is not ok, regardless of how much you hate Rachel (someone you don’t know at all), wishing that kind of thing on someone is childish at best and utterly evil at worst. What is wrong with you?

  155. Lol, the part that gets me about this entire discussion is that people are talking about “taking sides” and “swaying neutral parties”. What is wrong with you guys? Is this some sort of political debate or something? If so, I want a vote laid out (my bad if sarcasm doesn’t translate well through the internet, its a problem I’m working on).

    Oh, and to make a statement towards those of you who are unhappy with BME related body mods – my personal rule is to think about whether or not anything I put on my body could one day make me frown with displeasure. If so, then I don’t get it done.

    Pshhhh, it just shows what kind of people you are that you got a tattoo that you currently dislike. I don’t think I could ever dislike any of my body mods.

  156. @NME 191, that’s 100% how i feel.
    this whole argument is not going anywhere; no one is going to change his/her mind, and I think everyone looks foolish trying to prove themselves right. /awaits backlash of angry bloggers
    tsk tisk, boys and girls, didn’t anyone learn anything from South Park’s “I’m a Little Bit Country”? The whole point is to be given the freedom to criticize, while being able to do what you feel is right.
    Also, I just out of curiosity, does anyone remember what happened LAST time MB posted an eyelid piercing (but Microdermal)? I seem to recall QUITE the discussion that followed. What is it with people and feeling so much anger around them?

  157. …it’s too different in my opinion… i think it will make some type of lesion in his eye, in a long term, if it had not made anything yet…

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