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Hey all,

Just updating you to let you know Modblog will resume tomorrow. I was stuck out of town and couldn’t add posts. I couldn’t get connected to the internet long enough to upload photos but have just gotten back home. I’m in the process of downloading a huge backlog of images and I should have stuff ready to go.

I’m in the BMEshop today packing orders and printing t-shirts and tomorrow I’ll start posting to Modblog. Take care!


32 thoughts on “Modblog Posts!

  1. Someone made a great suggestion in the other thread,

    Setup 7 posts on a monday and make them automatically post themselves each day so if something happens like you end up in a remote location the community still gets a new article each day. WordPress does this I believe.

  2. Or just get an enthusiastic bme member to be your alternate. Or to just be a regular modblogger? Twice as many posts sounds fine by me!

  3. yayyy new stuff soon!!
    i also love rachel. but maybe that’s because i don’t keep up with the whole e-drama that is BMEzine.

  4. Yep, I don’t really understand why all these peoples start freaking out every time there’s a three days lapse between two posts, running an important website like that is freaking hard and I think you’re doing a wonderful job. I think you should have some fun and do a career day where every single person who is whining is running the website for one day…

    Love ya.

  5. some people are just arrogant and i cant beleive she didnt say anything to demeaning of the procedding blog
    shes honestly is tryin to do her job
    rachel ur awesome

  6. It has been quite amusing watching people progressively loose their minds in the last thread. I am looking forward to the next posts, and Rachel, you have my admiration for staying calm and composed in the face of such childishness.

  7. I’m with #5, people have gone a little crazy due to a lack of posts but in the end, the posts Rachel does make are interesting and thought-provoking. I just found something else to do for a week…
    You’ve got my support Rachel!

  8. I really hope that the grey ultra calm shirt gets put back on there. That was one that I really wanted. And once the funds were available so that I could buy itd, the shirt wasn’t.

  9. I don’t see how people can complain about the posts.
    She could always just shut down BME in the event, say, relentless bitching & moaning gets to her?

    Either way, I very much look forward to more posts! :D!

  10. YAAAAY!! I’ve been feeling a bit empty without new posts =p it’s amazing how many people depend on Modblog to keep us sane. Lol
    I think your doing a fair job Rachel.

  11. why do all of my posts seem to get deleted? even my non critical ones, is there some sort of email black list?

  12. I’m pretty sure there is Nikk….My posts won’t show up from my real email either….censorship on a bme…*sigh* years of dedication, bme tattoo, hundreds in bme gear, hundreds of pictures submitted…and I get treated like trash…

  13. anya, if you used the name of the site’s former owner in your post it get’s “held for moderation” and no one is bothering to “moderate” the posts here.

  14. Regardless of my personal view on what went on with Rachel and her ex husband, it is the lack of consistant updates that gets to most ppl. Previously modblog was updated between 7-10 times a DAY. We are LUCKY if we get 2 a week! I may not agree with how Rachel came to own BME but if you wanted ownership so badly, maybe you should prove the haters wrong and make it exceed the previous site?

    MS is a horrible thing to have to live with, for ANYONE. But why fight so much to own the site if you can’t run it because of your illness? You have enough to deal with without the added stress of owning a site in which 50%+ of the ppl on it “hate you”. You may want to consider selling it off to someone who can actually run it to it’s full potential.

    This is just my two sense. I have lurked on BME for over 6years, even myself not being extremely modified, miss the posts about things in which I didn’t think was humanly possible. And if someone became homeless because of his mods being posted in here, maybe he should have thought twice about the mods period!

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