Moon Dawg

April sends us this little cartoon tattoo by John Brehm while he was guest spotting at 717 Tattoo in Harrisburg, PA. I’m not sure what the story is behind the tattoo other than it’s “to go with Tot.”. I can only assume that’s the little fellow below the Moon Dawg tattoo. That Tot’s linework looks so solid it’s hard to believe it’s not a stick on.

Moon Dawg

What do you guys think about comical/cartoon tattoos?

22 thoughts on “Moon Dawg

  1. Eh, I think they’re totally fine if there’s a good artist behind them but, in general, I would never get one. Overall I think it works for a lot of people and they should do what ever the fuck pleases them.

    I think this one’s cute but i think that’s cause i just like space references hahah :]

  2. I love them on other people and can think of many I’d like myself but just can’t bring myself to get one.

    However, this is particularly awesome

  3. I think this tattoo’s class. I reckon cartoony/comical tattoos are really good if there done right, but i think they work alot better incorporated into a sleeve or having a patch/bunch of tattoos with the same style.

  4. As the proud owner of a pretty controversially comical cartoon tattoo I would have to say it’s the best!
    Tattoos are great whatever they are of, but having a silly/funny cartoon tattoo helps to remind modders (and teach regular folk) that tattooing isn’t all about clichéd shit and trying to be the biggest wanker with the best / biggest / most expensive / most coloured / most detailed / most threatening tattoo.
    I don’t take myself or life remotely seriously so it’s easy for me to get stupid things tattooed on me.

    I love tot the tat, so cute!

  5. I don’t get it.

    I love ridiculous tattoos, but this one just doesn’t make sense to me, maybe I’m not smart enough to get it.

  6. this is surely a reference to “sonic” fast food chain. when it comes to putting an image in your skin that will be there til you die, a sense of humor is a must.

  7. I think they can be cute and funny; when they go a bit father than Loony Tunes characters on a ladies’ ankle. Also “controversial” humour tends to be kinda wanker-ish and contrived, but that goes for stand-up comics jsut as much as tattoos.

    I like the Moon Dog, maybe one day there’ll be a Haufmann’s on the moon base xD

  8. i dont like them so much unless theyre part of something like a sleave.

    had a friend who got a tatt on her shin and the artist said if she didnt cry hed give her a free spongebob tatt on the other one. story short- she didnt cry and it was well done but it just looked ridiculous.

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