Now that that is over!

I felt a little bit like our friend Bune after yesterdays shenanigans. Nothing like waking up with an awesome case of food poisoning. I tried sleeping it off but it’s hard not to take a sip of water every now and then which left me puking for significantly longer than the amount of water I drank! Now that I’m right side in again, I figure I’d get to posting!


More after the jump of course!



57 thoughts on “Now that that is over!

  1. Can we please have click throughs and some blurriness? I’d like to be able to view Modblog in public sometimes.

  2. I’ve had food poisoning that left my stomach tied up in knots, but never my penis. Must have been pretty bad food!

  3. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who has no idea exactly what’s happening here! All I can think of is a somehow inverted penis. Anyone care to shed some light on this?

  4. Gah! click through please. I prefer not to have a dick staring me in the face when I come to modblog.

  5. Uhh…agreed on the click-through request!!! I check modblog at work, and I usually avoid these posts until I’m home.

    And, uh….what exactly are we looking at here? Some narrative would be nice!

  6. Sorry, I’ll start tossing in some clickthroughs. I forget about the whole NSFW since my work place is pretty accepting of penis mods. In fact they tend to encourage it.

  7. how about we stop bitching about click throughs and accept this is modblog?? but at least you’re not bitching about what’s going on in the pictures like usual. it’s kind of nice.

  8. So.. Um what’s happening in this picture?
    It kinda looks like he rolled back his penis and his uretha is outside. But still, what’s this actually a picture of?

  9. Why are people looking at ModBlog at work anyway…. shouldn’t you be…. um… working?

    I’m just glad we’re getting updates again and I’m not looking at that pierced eyelid anymore :)

  10. Snap Dragon- just because you’re at work doesn’t mean you have to work EVERY SECOND. There is such a thing as down time, or ya know, break.

  11. Shame there’s no back story on this one, It’d have been nice if they’d sent in some shots from the side and so on. It just looks like a cat’s butthole or a bellybutton from that angle.
    Oh well, still pretty interesting without.

  12. If you don’t want your boss to see that you’re looking at stuff like this when you’re at work, then don’t look at stuff like this when you’re at work.

    I have no idea what is happening with this penis.

  13. For those wondering it appears to be a foreskin that is tied off and inverted around a ring. this is usually done for the purpose of stretching, either for restoration or just for the bragging rights (once stretched enough) to say they can fit a tennis ball in there.

  14. What about people like me who look at modblog at home and have young kids? At least with a click through I can wait until they’re out of the way to look…

  15. Exactly what Krys said – I have a 10 year old sister who often looks over my shoulder at what I’m looking at on the internet.
    Yes, I’ve seen a penis before, but she certainly hasn’t.
    Please make more of an effort to include blurry click-throughs.
    What happened to “Guess What”?

  16. I don’t have kids, but I do have a husband who is rather squeemish -_-’ I really couldn’t care less, but he’ll be all *ieuw! why would you want to do that!?* yah….

  17. People. Come on. This is just silly. I can’t argue that click throughs on genital shots is a good idea, but do you really need to be told that the internets primary resource for “extreme body modification” is not something that you should be perusing at work? I feel like the next step for this is going to be asking for blurred out photos of procedural shots, play piercing and suspension. I’m sure your boss isn’t going to be ok with those on a work computer either. The more “out there” aspects of body modification are something that at least 90% of the general populous are not going to understand in the least; however, its those aspects that this site caters to and it’s why most of us frequent the site over the other more generic tattoo and piercing resources.
    And for those of you with squemish partners, roomates, parents, or children ( i myself happen to be one of these people) who you don’t want exposed to this kind of stuff; don’t blame the purveyors of the material. Just start excercising some responsible self-control and learn to learn to browse at appropriate times.

  18. If you don’t want anyone to see you looking at cocks, don’t come on Modblog unless your alone. Simple.

    And to jojo (post 22), your a lucky sod getting “down time” at work…. some of us don’t even get a full lunch let alone a break let alone “down time”. I’d love a job where I could do feck all and peruse Modblog, but some of us actually have to work hard to pay the bills..

  19. justttt wondering why ppl can’t quickly scroll past it instead of clicking on it, going to the jump, having to scroll past more pics of the dick, and then commenting? lol, srsly, just scroll on past it, its really not that hard..

  20. Okay the people telling people to stop bitching need to stop because sometimes modblog goes for days without penis shots and they were ALWAYS censored before witha ‘guess what’. And don’t say browse when we’re alone because sometimes thats just not possible we’d end up never coming to the site and that would suck. damn, people always gotta bitch, cock in or cock out.

  21. Cool photo ;).

    And I’m agree with #43! Don’t loot at this kind of website if it is not the right place or moment !
    You have a kid or a boss behind you ? Don’t look at this page ;
    You have your husband/wife behind you so you can’t look at this page ? Why are you with him/her ?!! It seems that you did not choose the right person…
    (with such reactions of prudery, in several years, to see a “Guess what?” we will need to give a credit card number to prove we are over 18 or 21 !)

  22. Please add click-thrus!! This also would have been a fun picture to “guess what” it was.

    As for the picture itself, WOW!

  23. damn, i wish there was a side view.

    i also agree, click troughs are NOT necessary. my 10 year old sister peaked over my shoulder as i was reading this, EVERYONE HAS TO LEARN ABOUT ANATOMY SOMETIME.

  24. Funny how it’s a penis mod to bme and not stupidity.. but before you go and argue with me hey I’m just a simple minded penis having person what do I know..

    And “liz” your sister is different from your boss got it toots? Click through is logical for libraries, work and family.. unless you wanna push people away from bme even more..

  25. wahhh, click through, you people are being extremely gay….

    let me guess one of you kids are gonna have a problem with me saying gay too

  26. Last night was a total success. My complete penis glans is removed and in my refrigerator. I am trying to decide what to do with it. Anyway, my frame of mind last night couldn’t have been more on point. First I chilled the base of the glans with ice for thirty minutes. Then I applied 4% lidocaine creme and allowed it to absorb for twenty minutes. The entire glans went numb and then I was ready for the blood restriction application.

    Starting just below the bottom of the glans, I began wrapping a tightly pulled twine around the top of the shaft. I wrapped the twine in consecutive wraps lower and lower down the shaft, After about twenty wraps, I secured the twine with a very tight rubber band. Finally, I applied another layer of lidocaine creme to the cutting site. I then attached a large binder clip over the entire glans and it would provide a straight-edge for a neat cut. I was now finally ready to fulfill a dream that was three years in the making.

    With my penis prepped, free of nearly all blood, and totally numb, I was ready to begin. I used a brand new laser sharpened filet knife with an extremely sharp edge. I played my favorite music and held the knife in one hand and the binder clip in the other. I positioned the knife edge directly in the crease at the the base of the glans. I started with medium pressure and moved the knife edge along the straight edge of the binder clip. I didn’t feel any pain. Then I became very confident and increased the pressure and began a slow and steady even cutting motion back and forth. The knife penetrated the crease and went deeper into my glans. After about three minutes, I was at the urethra and could feel some sensation, but I was determined to finish. I continued the cutting and finally, the binder clip with glans contained was free of the shaft and in my hand. I cried because I completed my task.

    I kept the wrappings and rubber band applied to my shaft for an additional three hours. The I wanted to then cauterize the cut to promote clotting and scabbing. I heated a soldering iron to 600 degrees and applied the tip to the top of my cut shaft. There still was little discomfort. After another two hours, I removed the rubber band and twine wrapping. There was no bleeding at all. The cut end was very straight and made me proud.

    I was able to get a little sleep and this morning my shaft is a little sore, but fully scabbed over and no bleeding. I will take one day at a time as the healing continues. Tonight, I will will most likely prepare my removed glans in a specimen jar of rubbing alcohol for preservation like a trophy. My new penis is beautiful and I am extremely happy with my results. In about a month, I will perform my self castration. I will blog that adventure.

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