It’s not a dick!

I’m going to go out on a limb and say you guys won’t be able to guess what this image is.. Nope, you’ve got no chance. Just save yourself the mental torment of trying to figure out what’s been blurred and click through to see this shaved beauty infused gently with saline.


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The bigger the better

Good Morning Modblog! Today’s posts are pretty good. Our newest contributor but long time member Sean is starting a new feature called “From the Vault” and his first post for that will come up later today. I’ll let him explain it since it’s his idea. First I’m going to tell you a little story.

I once dated an IAM’r who is way too shy to link to but he definitely didn’t need to do any stretching exercises. There are stories of his having to rush previous girlfriends to the hospital. I’ve heard of these stories before but having witnessed what his gear looked like first hand, I can definitely vouch that he was not telling a “fishing trip” story. This fine gentleman below looks like his efforts are paying off. I don’t know what he was originally blessed with but it looks like his modifications are turning out very well.


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As rose with any other name

One of the biggest “issues” that the modification community used to have to deal with was the overwhelming abundance of male dominance. While most tattooers and piercers are still male, there is an increasing upsurge in female participation. Maybe it’s just easier to modify your junk if you’re a man? Perhaps it was simply more socially acceptable as a man?

That being said, I have a little treat this morning for you!


Did I trick you or did you cheat and look at the tags? The answer simply is that guys have more options. I know if I had a penis I’d definitely have a meatotomy and a little hidden surprise for the ladies in my life.


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Blank Slate

I was lucky enough to not have had a mouthful of water when I got to this submission. Crazyamerican just looks so cool and comfortable. He’s just sitting there on his leather couch, maybe watching tv, maybe there is a big bowl of cheetos out of the frame. I’m not sure what it is.


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So I’m sure you’re thinking, what was so funny about the submission? It’s the simplicity of the caption. Like it isn’t a big deal to be lugging around a big wiener. Everyone has one right? Maybe I’m just too easily amused.

“0g lobes, 10g nipples, 7″ hard on


It’s been a while

I can’t remember the last time I posted a pecker on the ole Modblog so I figured today is as good a day as any and this pecker is pretty well modified. Personally I’m a big fan of any large gauge piercings that go through the head of a penis and I can vouch that it’s a good time for everyone involved. Though upon further inspection of the image in the full post, I don’t think this big boy would fit. Kudos to anyone who can take on this champ!


Clickthrough for the full monty.

P.S. If tomorrow and Thursday’s updates are late or don’t get posted, it’s because I’m in the last big development meeting we’ll have before the new site/software launches so hold tight and don’t worry, you’ll get your daily dose of mods as soon as I get finished up!

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Now that that is over!

I felt a little bit like our friend Bune after yesterdays shenanigans. Nothing like waking up with an awesome case of food poisoning. I tried sleeping it off but it’s hard not to take a sip of water every now and then which left me puking for significantly longer than the amount of water I drank! Now that I’m right side in again, I figure I’d get to posting!


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