Horrifying but true!

Kaz sends in photos of their suspension performance at Theatre Bizarre in Detroit, Mi. I don’t recall seeing this theatre the last time I was in Detroit. I love seeing suspension groups that put on a great show complete with makeup and performances, other than just the whole “look at me I’m doing a suspension”. Next time, let’s hope they send in some video!


More photos after the jump. What else would be after it?





Photos courtesy of Diana Price, Trever Long and Sam Seizert.

17 thoughts on “Horrifying but true!

  1. Excellent pictures.

    I love how no one comments on actual mod community antics but only argues away haha :p

    suspension has never been my thing but I really like the pics of the moustached man like a puppet. very artistic

  2. I agree costumed performances are far better than what you normally see as far as suspension shows go.

    I can enjoy a good suspension show if it is indeed a show :)

  3. Yes, I like it! It looks like a show. If it doesn’t have an artistic intension it’s not a show, it’s at best a demostration of suspension. I think.

  4. Theatre Bizarre is sort of an underground institution in Detroit. Located in the neighborhood where the first Devil’s Night burning of the city was held and the rest of the world forgot, it’s a massive compound of houses and empty lots turned art space. The suspensions form but a small part of what goes on at Theatre Bizarre. An over the top halloween/carnival/dreams of a lunatic kind of place, every year a small group of volunteers makes this macabre paradise come alive.

    Theatre Bizarre hosts a movie series and other events like Torch With a Twist (Vaudeville) and Squared Circle Revue (Mexican Wrestling AND Vaudeville).

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  6. Wait, there’s something this great still in Detroit?

    I’m kidding. Mostly. I’m also terribly sad I didn’t know about the show.

  7. im just sad my pic isnt in there! kaz you bastard!! but yeah the show was fun as fuck!! and its bad ass everyone should look into it, theatre bizarre, in detroit and this year the enigma was there with a few of his friends it was bad ass!!!

  8. I’ve only been to Theatre Bizarre once, but they certainly put on a great show! Makes me wish I had a car to get there more often. Btw, it’s behind the Michigan State Fair Grounds. :)

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