Do the dew!

This sweet Mountain Dew tattoo is by Mark at Rising Tide in Newark, Ohio. I guess they’re dewing the damn thing there plenty  considering the background of this photo. While I’ve always been a huge fan of Mountain Dew, it got me through the late 90′s, my only guess is that our friend here works in some kind of computer related position and survives off of this liquid gold when he’s not raiding the vending machine at work. At least that’s what I used to do but I’ve always been a fan of twinkies and mountain dew. The next person to send in a twinkie tattoo gets a one year BME subscription.


Someone send Phil a reminder about my offer. I want Dew and Twinkies!

29 thoughts on “Do the dew!

  1. I used to live in Newark, Ohio. Someone from there would definitely get permanently placed on their body.

  2. brb getting twinkie tattoo….what do u reckon…a pic of a twinkie with script around it “delicious spongy yellow bastard”

  3. i dont know what the worst part about this photo is.

    the tattoo, the purple walls, the new age afi poster in the background, his scummy mustache, or the grave digger hat

  4. ^^Dan – I’d have to say the worst part about this is the amount of time some people waste on over-analyzing every detail of a random persons pic and then critiquing it in a snobby, snarky fashion to make himself feel better about his own miserable life. What color are your walls Dan? What does your hat say Dan?

  5. Oh… I don’t like that kind of tattoos, but who said that I am a person who can definite what is right and what is not right.

  6. Yeeeeehaa!

    I would never ever get something like this tattooed on myself, but I’m totally happy about how much this guy is into Mountain Dew.

    Lemonade for life!
    Lemonade for President!

  7. ass! i have been planning on getting that one for years! i personally like the old logo better tho

  8. fuck the tattoo, can we talk about his ‘stache? that thing is glorious. i’m so down with people who might not grow an amazing amount of facial hair, but they rock it anyway. +10 points, mountain dew guy.

  9. Why put a corporate logo on yourself ? Especially that one ? I can honestly put up with lot of tattoos but this one does not make sense…. dude…

  10. his moustache is ungodly patchy, he looks like a red neck, because of his grave digger hat and rolled up t-shirt.
    hes trying to blend in scene by having an an AFI poster on the wall, the photo is badly lit. his tattoo of choice is 1 out of 100 because i dislike logo-tattoos because there product placing on human bodies instead of art.
    mountain dew if ever true or not ….. there are rumours that is lowers sperm count and this guy will have problems spawning, also i think there are some youtube videos of mountain dew being used to make glow in the dark liquids, i wonder if this tattoo glows in the dark that would sure raise this tattoo to be an awesome tattoo

  11. i like Joe-luos or wagon wheels , what about reese peanut butter cups or coffee-crisp, pepsi or coke-a-cola, or aero O-Henry and Mr- Big

  12. what if some gets a vending machine tattooed on them with all sorts of chocolates candy bars and bags of chips

  13. Hey y’all, ok the stash was as long as I was allowed to grow it since I worked at subway at the time. Ther room is, well was, my wifes room. She’s on here somewhere with a bunch of AFI tattoos. And the tattoo is real, this was taken after it healed I believe.

  14. It’s his body, why does anyone else feel that they have the right to criticize what someone else does to their OWN body? I like cartoons so my knuckles say cartoons. Maybe you like trees or guns or cupcakes! This guy likes mountain dew, wtf do you care? Really. If everyone had the same tattoos I would be sick of looking at them, and so would you.

  15. Oh and just FYI to those making comments about lowering sperm count, this man and his wife have a beautiful daughter. So there 😛

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