Good Morning Pretty Boy

This handsome guy has eyes that I don’t mind staring into to start off my day. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear that he’s on IAM as of yet but hopefully that changes soon. I know it’s not a popularity contest but photos like these make me miss the old “BME beauty pageants” that we had. I’d love to do a calendar of BMEboys and BMEgirls. Maybe it’s a good reason to get away with looking at pictures of good looking modded folk.



34 thoughts on “Good Morning Pretty Boy

  1. wow there actually IS Ed Hardy paraphernalia in the background. aaaahaha I rudely assumed BME members had trascendended past thinking with their genitalia…

  2. seriously? yes, I get it. everyone wants to bone this dude, but look at him! all of his tattoos are extremely TRITE. I bet he has a pirate ship and a nautical star as well.

  3. his name is brett. he lives in leicester in the uk. i know him. he is an awesome awesome guy.
    and damn hot. shame he has a girlfriend.

  4. this is probably the nicest looking guy i’ve ever saw in my whole life. *drool*

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