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I mentioned a while back that Trevor McStay was coming to visit BME before heading up to the San Jose Tattoo Convention so I figured we’d have a little bit of a chat while he was putting my leg through the paces of getting a kick ass leg sleeve. Thanks to Trevor for being the inaugural interview and hopefully the next 6 videos we’re in the process of editing will be ready to go shortly!
DivX download (59 MB) link for BME members: Extreme2 or Full members
Look for more to come in the next week!

32 thoughts on “BMEtv – Trevor McStay

  1. The dude who filmed and edited this did an awsome job!!! Very MTV=professional. What is the band and song?

    Please do more videos like this. I nominate a new online reality show: The BME Adventures of Rachael and Norm!!

    If you agree, digg me up! I mean, say aye! I mean, type yeah!

  2. great stuff. trevor seems like a really good guy, in addition to an awesome artist. i hope this lives up to readers’ standards.

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  4. trevor works super fast and hard.. blew my head getting a sleeve but the conversation, laughs and the energy he puts into you are out of this world!


  5. I really like this video! Trevor is really personable, and I think you kinda get a feel for him, which is great. I also like that the client is involved in this one (I’ve seen the others), for me it adds another dimension, but also, people are not props, and here I feel this is so, in the others, the people feel like, well.. props…

  6. Although some of the transitions and montages were a little jumpy, I did like the general editing style, and thought the production looked pretty glossy and professional. And yeah, a bit MTV. The music sucked, but it always does, so that’s no worry. The only thing that stuck out was, I couldn’t really figure out a reason for a black and white prolonged shot of the tattoo. But those kinks should work themselves out.
    I really like the idea of an alternative to the silly cable TV uninformed and sensationalist approach to bodmod shows. Because the cable shows are obviously intended for an unmodified audience, and this is the opposite.

    All in all, I would cautiously say success.

  7. All of your videos are really interesting to watch. I don’t know a tone about all of the technical aspects of what you do, but they keep me interested for sure. I really love the fast forward you did nearing the end of the lining. As a tattoo artist my self it was super cool to watch it all come together so quickly!

  8. the video looks professional and polished. a nice glimpse into the life of the artist. i would have to agree with snailLuv about the prolonged shot of the tattoo being awkward, but other than that i thought it was great. a nice addition to BME.

  9. I agree. The editing was really well done and Trevor was interesting to listen to. Can’t wait to see more vids.

  10. I’m really liking the video series, especially this last one. I agree with Kiba, I’d love to see videos on scarification and branding.

    Interviews are great too. For the interviews though, I think it’d be cool if in addition to interviewing artists in the field, you also featured collectors of modifications from time to time too, kind of like the Modblog photos, average folks. Maybe if you read someone’s IAM page who looks like they have an interesting story to tell, ask them if they’d like to be featured in the video blog. Not all the time, but just occasionally, when you encounter someone who might be a great interview subject. I think people would really like it from a human interest aspect, enjoy seeing someone like them that they can relate to and hearing a good story.

  11. Great video with Trevor McStay. He did som awsome work on your leg. I’m an orential tat guy, and it makes me want to go for some more after a 10 year lapse. Good work. Very interesting production. Thanks.

  12. These are some very impressive videos. The editing is superb. I liked how you managed to present some very meaty content in an open and non ‘in your face’ kind of way. It’s obvious that a lot of effort went into planning, shooting and editing these films.

    Keep up the great work!

  13. truely great movie: both filming/editing as well as the content as well. same goes for the other movies here; but i like this one in particular cuz of the black and white bits in it.

    great job, keep on rocking!

  14. Wow… that almost makes me regret my desicion to only have blackwork tattoos. Apparently ‘regular’ tattoos can be pretty sweet too…

    And also; I didn’t realize untill now that our editor-in-chief was this cute! <3

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  16. I have a body suit off Trevor-no nicer guy,or committed tattooist around, he is the living shit on a world stage and thank christ he is all ours down under.. so many pretenders,so many fakes…Trev a true original.. Cheers mate the tigers are healing well.

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