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This is probably “old news” at this point but Gino from Durban, South Africa sent in this scan of a newspaper article from their area. It’s utterly depressing that a father, who should love his child unconditionally, killed her over her secret tongue piercing.I don’t have more news than this but I thought that it was a relevant piece to share. I hope that he spends the rest of his life in jail. The death of a child over something as temporary as a tongue piercing is a depressing sign of what anger individuals can have pent up inside.


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  1. damn that sucks, my mum recently found my septum she keeps squeezing my nose…hurts a bitch ahaha, but yeh…people are lame.

  2. It’s a sad world. Poor girl.

    Also, that newspaper needs a new editor to catch grammatical mistakes.

  3. That is so sad. I think it’s easy to forget how unacceptable body piercing / modification is in some areas when you are around it every day.

  4. =[

    That’s so sad. I think if I had any clue my parents would be that mad that I would just take it out ot not get it in the first place though…

  5. god thats depressing. breaks my heart really. i mean i had my tongue pierced adn my parents just disowned me for a week. they wouldnt even think of beating me. my heart goes out to the girl, really.

  6. I’m not sure this is an issue of piercings. Its the fathers percieved lack of respect. The same horrendous outcome could have happened over coming home late or hanging out with the wrong friends. The father is just obviously a terrible person.

    When i went home (rather nervously!!) to visit my folks after having my face tattooed my Ma didnt even notice. After a week spending every day together she hadnt even clocked it. When i asked how it was possible to not notice a (fairly obvious) facial tattoo she simply replied ‘I just see my daughter’.

    There are some good folks out there… shame this girl didn’t have them……

  7. Oh how sad. Situations like this don’t just arise from nowhere, he was very likely always a controlling abusive person who would have eventually beat her to death over something else if not for the tongue piercing. I sort of think the articles focus on the tongue stud is trying to justify her death. As though the implication is that if she hadn’t gotten her tongue pierced he never would have gone crazy and beat her.

  8. I’m pretty sure death is a part of everyday life in Africa. Mainly due to things like poverty, infectious disease, and no medicine. Most outsiders don’t realize the extremity of the situation over there. At least that’s my American perspective.

  9. Rest in peace to the girl.

    As for the dad i think he deserves a full subincision and a tongue piercing on top of that, as a house warming present in his new prison cell.

  10. although i think the kid should have listened to her dad, that in no way excuses him beating her to death or even hitting her at all. i dont think kids should ever be hit. I hope that guy gets ass raped in jail

  11. Dude was taking ‘honor thy father and mother’ seriously . Sucks he accidentally killed his daughter, for her and him.

  12. Nae: keep in mind this article is from africa, so you need to realize that english is not the first language for many of the people.

    my heart goes out to her.

  13. soulless.

    #16. Accidentally? Seriously? That was not an accident. The second you start to BEAT someone with a nearby object. It is NOT an accident.

  14. This story is sad. Talk about bad parenting skills. If my father came at me with an extension cord and started whipping me with it…sorry old man but your ribs are going to get worked over. Either that or expect some sort of testicular trauma. Your well within your legal rights folks. it will be ok. Poor girl.

  15. this is one of those situations where i, personally, would like to impliment eye-for-an-eye justice. i would do to him exactly what he did to his daughter.

  16. Zulu culture ftw. We hear of some crazy things happinging in the Zulu communities where father is king.

  17. I’d say he’s likely to suffer enough, thanks to the loss of his daughter but I still hope he gets/got a harsh sentence.

  18. #16, social coma: You know what: Be silently ashamed when huans are talking and go to other places to find live-forms of your class to talk. Maybe some zoo and the chimps. Taking a heavy cable and beating? Why you’d do it, if not either to severely injure or to kill. Severely injuring always takes the risc of kill. That is either murder (planned kill, or short-decided intentional kill, out of lowest moralic reasons), or homicide (all other kinds of intentional kill, including killing while trying to severely injure – as that plan includes the risc of death). And when a 17 (seventeen) year old girl does not obey in simple terms like piericngs that is no reason to hurt or kill at all, no matter what some way fictional books, written by people to strenghen theit own power 4000 years ago are telling.

    So go to tha apes and talk with them, better suited for you. And leave us humans alone here. Undergo a few million of years evolution, than maybe it’s time to try to talk again.

    About the article: This crime is really shocking and very sad. That happens in all countries, or better, in all circles od civilisation, where the value of live, but also the value of freedom is not accepted, whre kids are not seen as humans till they are grown up (and women probalby never). It happens everywhere where the “human rights” are not praised. You find that in some low educational classes od the western countries, but really epidemic everywhere else… See the status of human rights in South Africa, and that kind of violence is way less surprising, while still shoking.

  19. I’m going to choose to see this as homicide, first and foremost. However, intentional killing? Doubt it.
    From the father’s view he was “disciplining his daughter for disobeying”, not “killing her for a tongue piercing”.
    I don’t believe it’s our smug job to judge how the rest of the world (meaning not North America, Europe, and most “developed” nations) deals with civil punishment, and criminal law. What we think is “right” isn’t always necessarily. I don’t support murder, obviously, but as a general social commentary, it’s easy for us to forget that what they hold to be “right”, they hold just as strong as what we deem.
    By the father rushing her to the hospital, and turning himself in for the murder, he is obviously showing his unintention and remorse. My heart goes out to him, and the rest of his family.
    @ Stormchaser, I believe it’s truly ignorant to believe that; if his INTENTION was to kill, he’d have used a machete, probably not a cord. It wasn’t long ago parents and teachers on our side of the world (I’m from Canada, but I do realize BME is international) were beating disobedient children with belts, the organic alternative.

  20. @ 36: I think it would be manslaughter charges if this happened in the U.S, otherwise completely spot on.
    My personal favorite organic alternative was the wooden spoon. Had quite a few of those broken over my ass.

  21. @36: He beated a bitstreonger than usuual… Indeed he did probably not want to kill, but to injure very painful. And doing so there is a risc of killing. And that risc he took willingly. That’s like the 2 stupid assholes who killed the old man recently in Germany (and some other case like that in Austria). In both cases they only intended to injure as punishment for some action. In both cases they willingly took the risc of going too far. In both cases in 2 different countries with different laws, they are right now (and that’s good so) charged for murderer.

  22. 39: maybe if your folks would have shown you a little bit of discipline growing up you wouldn’t be acting like such a child and insulting people on the internet like a prepubescent on youtube and myspace . Do everyone including yourself a favor and grow up. I’m sorry sunk to your immature level.

  23. Ahem, Nae, please… what’s wrong with the article, grammatically?
    It does sound a bit strange, but I can’t nail what it is.

    Not one English speaker is me, you see you self, also syntax too sometime fuck I up.
    Ay, but willing to learn is I.

  24. so this is the punishment in the 21st? for expressing yourself?

    the man needs help after his has served his time

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