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  1. holy fuck, start doing clickthroughs. people are begging for it, and really, i have no interest in seeing ugly hairy cock when i come here.

    you’re not so lazy that you don’t sell, sell, sell here. maybe take some interest in what people are requesting, rather than all about profit.


  2. Ta for going with the clickthru 🙂 And I love that this is coming out of a smart suit & tie combo *grin*

  3. K – it was a clickthrough?

    If you cant handle a bit of flesh, maybe you shouldnt be viewing this site.

  4. do you not realize that this site often has adult content? back off about the click throughs, don’t come here if you don’t want to see possibly disturbing content.

  5. I agree… if you cant handle a bit of flesh WHY would you be here??? I think it looks fantastic and I am not a huge fan of pas. Nuff said

  6. agreed. clickthroughs , albeit a “safer” aversion to bleaching your eyes, is not always the answer.
    just look! be curious! an open mind is key. you may not like it, but it makes a fantastic conversation piece later.
    just a thought.

  7. I can see why one would want a click through; if you’re in a public place or at work, or even if you just don’t want to see it (because not everyone on here is quite as intense as those with heavy/genital mods, etc) then I think it’s perfectly understandable. But seeing as how the first picture wasn’t blatantly like “PENIS!” this was pretty click through-y to me. Plus, you know, the fact that they straight up said “Hey, here’s a click through…”

  8. You could also read the tags before you click through if you don’t want to take a chance and look at a bit of skin every once in a while.

  9. There will be useless requests about clickthough in all post like that….hum??!
    As it was said on other posts by numerous readers who like ModBlog like it is : if you don’t want to see it, if it is not the right place to look at it… Don’t click on the photo or on ModBlog !

  10. k. You have obviously jumped on the anti-rachel bandwagon without the slightest idea about why people are actually upset. Please take your ignorance and closed-minedness elsewhere. There are plenty of resources for looking at tattoos and piercings sans-cock. I suggest you find one.

  11. Uhm, it was a click through. You can’t easily see that it’s a penis on the front cover image. All you guys do is complain. This is an 18+ blog so seriously stop complaining about it.

  12. That is a damn attractive piercing. I’ve never seen a genital piercing I liked the look of until now… & that tattoo is amazing, too. Alas, I’ve no dick to pierce.

  13. Rachel,

    When you’re addressing comments like “all you guys do is complain” to your READERSHIP, then there’s probably a problem. Just sayin’. It’s not hard to do a clickthrough, and it doesn’t keep those dangly bits from the people who really want to see them. Personally, I only check out BME at home, but I can understand why people might really need their fix at work (and isn’t that super flattering to you?)

    Also, I can’t help but guess at a little snarkiness here about the “clickthrough” on this picture. To be honest, it’s pretty much a penis on the front page, too :oD


  14. Kater: No, it’s not really “flattering” to me that people want to look at penises at work discretely. People complain if I post too little, too much, pictures are too big, too small, too many guys, too many girls, not enough extreme mods, too many mods.

    Then I go to the effort of making original content for the blog and since people don’t have anything negative to post about it, very few people leave positive feedback. Modblog doesn’t make me any money or bring in income, it takes up hours that I don’t have and creates a negative environment. The easiest thing for me to do would be to turn off Modblog so that people would go back to reading and scouring BME itself like I used to do 10 years ago. Not just relying on my staff and I to pick out photos that we like so that the people levaing can just post about how they don’t like the photos.

  15. It’s really not that discrete of a ‘click through’. I don’t mind the smaller, teaser pictures that used to be posted, but this is really too much. I enjoy ModBlog a lot, but perhaps looking at how those who used to post and following there format would please most, since there wasn’t many complaints placed against those posts.

  16. Rachel, I just wanted to let you know how disappointed I am by your attitude and the way you present the modifications on ModBlog. You sound like an angsty 15 year old girl. In my own opinion, and I’m sure countless others’, you’ve ruined ModBlog.

  17. You chose to work for the Internets Rachel, this is what you get for not having a ‘real job’

    U get to deal with all of us 😀 , Wal-Marts lookin pretty good now eh?

  18. It’s a little insulting to say that I don’t have a “real job”. I work 18 hours a day. Between BME, IAM, the shop and everything else that I do, I work pretty damn hard to support myself, my family and the staff that I have working for me.

    Maybe I’ll go apply at Whole Foods so I can just shut down the whole site and work 1/4 of the hours that I do.

  19. Rachel,
    I’m sorry people on here are immature assholes.
    I think youre doing a smashing job, and to be honest I would be lost without my BME (I don’t think I’m alone in that, am I?).
    keep doing what you do, knowing there’s more people who appreciate you than not.


  20. haha, all anyone does on the internet nowadays is complain. look at business review websites like yelp.com. it seems that if someone likes something, they say nothing, and if it bothers them well damn, the world must know!

    so with that being said. i’m jealous, i wish i had the balls (woops) to be able to get my bait and tackle tattooed!

  21. Rachel, keep up the mental strength,deary.

    The internet is full of bitchy people, best to ignore them.

    (Also, if you complain about lack of click through, don’t fucking look at them while your bitchy asses should be working. Really? Suck it up, you fucking BABIES.
    Orrrrrrrrrrr, go make a better site, fucking christ.)

    Anyway, Rachel dear.
    You’re doing something not everyone can do. I work at Walmart, I wish I could run a site(:
    Maybe one day!

    But I adore ModBlog, I look at it weekly, & appreciate all your efforts<3.

    Stay creative & be better than the monkeys amiga!

  22. I apologize for swearing before saying Christ, my fingers got carried away.
    If anyone is offended, I’m sorry!

  23. Why can’t people take a hint from the tags that the clickthrough could be something they wouldn’t want to see? Keep up the wonderful work that you do and don’t let them get you down!

  24. So you stole the site from Shannon to complain about doing the work it takes to run it? Way to go you sure are special .

  25. At risk of raining on everyone’s parade, why not just stop running ModBlog? I, personally, love it, and have the sense to only read it at work when my boss isn’t looking over my shoulder, but if it’s causing you so much grief to get constant colour commentary, and taking up so much time, and not giving you any positive effects, why not just shut up shop and concentrate on the site and the shop? Unless someone has a gun to your head, I don’t see what’s so hard about saying “OK, everyone, you don’t like it, so I’ll stop wasting my time and yours.”

    Sorry about the abrupt comment, but there we go.

  26. I am very satisfied by this post, not only do i get ny dick fix, i also get a fun click through.
    so thank you rachel

  27. posts like this are good. ‘nuf said. even though im not the penis-liking type, i don’t mind looking at different examples of piercing/tattooing no matter where it is. i also have an idea… if you’re at work, at school, in public, wait until you get home to check modblog. it’s not so urgent that you MUST LOOK wherever you happen to be when the notion hits you. there may very well be a somewhat disturbing, bloody picture, a semi-erotic picture, a picture involving nudity, vulgarity, etc. it’s a safer bet to do it away from prying eyes on your own time. i don’t know what your bosses pay you for, honestly, if the best way to occupy your time at work is looking at blogs.

  28. It may be a time of recession, and I understand quitting a job is a big step when money is tight, but if your employer doesn’t like stumbling upon your looking at/enjoying/studying pictures of genitals or likes to see what his/her employees are up to on their precious internets, maybe you should quit your job. I mean hell, who needs heat and water right now when you can look at modified dick all day?!

  29. why are people looking at ModBlog at WORK and then complaining that there are genitals on here? perhaps your blatant disregard of your company’s internet usage policies deserves your getting sacked for looking at ‘lurid’ pictures on work’s time.

    i don’t understand, why don’t you just get the inernet at home, you tight arses? or use your phone?

    and yes, as many people have already stated, read the tags you dickheads.

  30. she asks specifically in the post if it’s discrete enough for you guys and all you do is yell at her for not putting a click though. it IS a click through and i personally think it’s discrete enough (and yes she did spell discrete correctly). so next time, READ the post instead of just seeing a picture and blindly commenting out of rage. thanks.

  31. Rachel, i appreciate the time and effort you put into this site. If people dont like it, they should just get off.

    I mean seriously people, she made a clickthrough and you STILL complain. Get over it. If you dont like the way this site is run get off. its really that simple

  32. 20 (Rachel) – My comment was ment to be light hearted, from running an online community myself I know the crazy amount of hours it does take 🙂

    All I ment was no matter what you do there will always be an “anti-jordan” etc , got to learn to roll with the punches and laugh them off.

    As long as you feel your helping the site become better each day then screw the haters because you know the future rather then commenting on the present.

  33. Seriously, it’s not a blog’s JOB to be Work-Safe. You go to BME/ModBlog once and you KNOW it’s NOT. WORK. SAFE. Even if 80% of the pics are of happy people with stretched ears and full-sleeves at fucking Disney World, it gets gory, it gets strange, it gets all sorts of naked! xD

    Also “Baww the Old Days” team: Dudes. Do you remember some of those click-throughs? No, they were never worksafe. Sometimes I’d be a super-innocent pic, but the crop-zoom made it look so, so dirty. Because half the time they were designed to make you go “Oh that’s a dick.” BAM, Ear, Ass, Vag. or “Oh that’s a vag.” NOPE, DICK. Any image that makes you think of genitalia first, no matter how “non-explicit” it is, is NSFW.

    Rachel, sorry you always have to deal with the bitching. The sad fact is that there’s the portion of “content” people who just never say anything because they’re already pleased with the post! :/

  34. how can modblog not make bme money? I’m sure theres alot of people who come here to look at it whom don’t have an iam or an picture on the site but they come here to look at it and they’ll click the little advertisements or go to the shop and buy a shirt or something. I’m pretty sure this is why most the people come to this site, shut modblog down and this site will make no money.

  35. i love modblog and i dont want it to change one bit.
    you dont look at a site with sometimes explicit content at work. you just dont do that so there is no point in complaining about your work situation.
    and if youre at home and just dont want to watch genitales, its easy to scroll down.
    no need for the hate!

  36. I’m a bit desapointed guys… I would have prefered to read some comments (positive or negative) about my tattoo on the pic instead of reading this polemic… 🙁

  37. You know, if you guys had real jobs, you wouldn’t be on modblog all day complaining about the content. If you don’t want people to see you looking at penises, don’t come to this site while you’re at work. There is no reason we need censorship here.

    Rachel, keep up the good work! <3

  38. OK so i havent looked at modblog in almost a year until maybe a week ago, and all i notice in every single set of comments is a bunch of negativity and crap and a gang of stupid trolls that think they are on a crusade to save it from its current manager. Viciously putting someone down in the comments of every post on here is beyond lame. If you dont like it no one is forcing you to look at it. This isnt the only site out there with this kind of stuff, go find something else or better yet make your own blog.. I doubt any of you have the capability to pull that off successfully and if you do please go get started on it or at least find something better to do with your lives.

    I’ve been following BME off and on for the last 10 years and Ive seen it go through a lot of changes. It is what it is, enjoy the content or spend your web time somewhere else, trying to stir up drama online is so stupid dont you guys have anything else going on n your lives to invest your energy in?

    I’m glad the sites still around and although it may not be quite the same or run by the same people thats just the ever changing nature of the web… Much BME love and keep up the good work!

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