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This is the second in the series I’ve put together for BME. I meant to post it yesterday but there were some issues here and there getting on the internet. Bugs is a tattoo from England, working out of a shop called Evil from the Needle. He’s currently working in Venice, CA. I tried to get some link action going on for this write up but my internet is failing miserably.
The next video that I’m going to post later this week is with Henning Jørgensen, which I can’t wait for. It’s one of the best ones we’ve done so far.  If you like these videos, don’t forget to check out our first video interview with Trevor McStay. Also, please post comments on if you like the videos or not so I know if this is something I should continue doing. I’ve got 4 more that need to be edited that are already filmed. Like I said, I can’t wait because I’m very excited. I’ve been compiling the list of suggestions from the other entries but if you have more suggestions on artists you’d like to see interviewed, please post them below!
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23 thoughts on “BMEtv – Bugs

  1. Suggestion: If this is supposed to be a semi-regular feature, set up a podcast for those of us who hate in-browser streaming.

  2. i like the video’s so don’t hesitate to keep doing this , only not every day , maybe get some video’s of scarification ( artists ) an mods and stuff …

  3. I love the videos,please continue them! It is very refreshing to see good documentary like these on tattoo artists, even if theyre short, instead of the average basic cable train wrecks. I believe a guy named Dave Bryant works in that same shop (Evil from the Needle) would love to see something done on him, even an interview if not a video.

  4. The videos are nice, but don’t really have that much information in them, I’d prefer to get to know the artist’s background, motivation for tatooing etc.
    Getting artists for a msn/skype/telephone interview, editing and posting the interview here would be much more substantial, and yet entail less work, I would think.

  5. I have to agree with aivi on the videos not having enough info in them. I do like the idea though! It is always great to see how different artists work.
    On a side note, I must say that Mod Blog has been much improved lately, thank you Rachel!

  6. Loving the tattoo video’s and interviews. Would love to see one on Jeff Gogue he is a phenomenal artist! Cheers and Thanks!

  7. there are soem interesitng questions not being asked just asking the minimum three questions and spacing them out between 2 mins each and flashing long repeated images over and over again , i was hoping for a more talking yes bugs is intterested in the abstract cubist painting style he likes colours ok what about his best work his favourite paintier like Franc Marc, Gini Severnini, giocomo balla, these are all cubist futurist artist and pure true creators of cubism manifestors are paul cezanna goerges braque and pablo picasso, ask him if he goes to art galleries does he paint

  8. LOVE This video Rach! Great representation and showing of his work, and I freaking love the music :) I like these videos!!!!!!

    And yes, PLEASE bring back the podcasts. :)


  9. As I said before, this is only the second video. The one being posted tomorrow is more in depth. I’m working on developing the style and setting the tone for the videos/series. The next video which will be posted in the morning has significantly more substance. The language barrier was an issue with this interview and it clearly shows.

    I’m looking into what it takes to do this as a podcast. Thanks for your feedback!

  10. the videosa are wonderful. Please continue. You do nned to include all forms of body modification and not just tattooing.

  11. I’ve watched all three of the videos that have been posted so far, and I think they’re all good, but this one is the least successful of the three. I wouldn’t have identified a language barrier particularly: as a European English speaker I didn’t find Bugs’s French accent any more difficult to tune into than Trevor’s Australian one. I’m not sure the cue-card questions in a ‘silent movie’ style worked all that well, though, and personally I found the thudding bass of the music soundtrack grated on me: it didn’t match the pace and ambiance of the visuals nearly as well as in the other two clips.

    But as a series and a concept I like it, and I think it has definite promise.

  12. I like the videos as well, but definitely second adding a podcast if you’re going to continue them. I view ModBlog in NetNewsWire on my iPhone so unless the videos are YouTube they don’t play.

    Other than that, totally dig them.

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