Seriously Brasil stop being so awesome.

Alright. That’s it. I’m not sure what else I’m supposed to do but clearly Brasilians want me to come and live amongst them. I definitely don’t have the butt for those g-strings but I’ll see what I can do. I was sitting here trying to update modblog and I have a bunch of guys sitting behind me and they’re talking about what they see on my screen and I’m trying to explain to them that it’s my job to post pictures of people on the Modblog and they ask me if it’s all hot chicks and I say, “yeah, more or less with the occasional split dick”. The look on their faces is pretty priceless.

They thoroughly enjoyed getting a sneak peak of infant_finite before it goes live on the site.


Sao Paulo, here I come. After I finish shooting photos of these tattoo machines.

See more in Cheeks (Lip Piercing)

19 thoughts on “Seriously Brasil stop being so awesome.

  1. Sigh. It’s so tempting to go to Brazil. Though there’s the whole lack of knowledge of the language. And the fact that I probably wouldn’t be able to compete with much of the hot Brazillian men for the especially hot women. Not to mention I tend to tan like an Irishman.

    Though I can dream.

  2. i think cheek piercings look better on people with dimples, and i can’t see any dimples here. i wouldn’t say it’s bad, but maybe that’s what you don’t like about her.

  3. You know, she has a collection of awesome mods and she’s definitely attractive but…

    Dammit it i have to see one more slack-jawed girl with a center labret I’m going to lose all faith in ever liking that piercing. Seems everyone who has a center labret is doing something retarded with their mouth to bring more attention to it. Whether making a kissy face or hanging their mouth open and collecting flies it’s just…not attractive. The piercing is noticeable whether or not you do weird stuff with your mouths ladies!

    Cute smiley by the way. I miss mine :-/

  4. Her cheekies are pierced! :]

    Cute smiley aswell, I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a smiley, I’m starting to have piercing withdrawals & i think something small like a smiley would hold me the next 5 monthes til i had extra $$ to blow
    anyway sorry for the ramble

    Pretty girl, cute mods, I want to go to Brazil!

  5. “I definitely don’t have the butt for those g-strings but I’ll see what I can do.”

    I make a motion to let modblog be the judge of that.

  6. cuntcumber: hahahahhahahahahhaha like I’d open myself up to those kind of attacks! I posted a couple of photos of myself and I got booed out of the room. Modblog readers have spoken, they don’t want to see photos of me! 🙂

  7. jim: There’s no mistake, in Brazil (<–the American/English spelling), it’s spelt “Brasil”. Hence “So Brasileiro” (I’m Brazilian) and “Brasilia”. =]
    It’s fine for Rachel to spell it with an “s”. In fact, I commend it.

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