Half and Half

I’m not sure if Thunvall chopped his luscious locks off for this photo but it is still an interesting juxtaposition from one side to the other.

juxEither way I like the put together look and you know I’m a sucker for nice paired piercings! It might not seem like a huge body modification but I know from experience that chopping long hair off can feel as significant as a tattoo or piercing if not more.

Pin-up Friday

Here’s Kristie California for your Friday BMEGirl ogling.

Tattoos are credited to Anthony Stith, Rick Anders & Kevin Kowalski, from both DV8 Tattoo & Leviathan in Roseville & Rocklin Ca.  Photo by Savir Photography, Hair by Laura Milo, and Makeup by Jen Siqueiros.

And just because I can, here she is in a vinyl pencil skirt.  (Photo by Rodney San Photography)

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Spiked Symmetry

This is for all those symmetry fans out there.  Well, provided you can overlook the nostril piercing only being on one side.

This pair of 1 month old 14g (large-based) Anatometal dermal anchors was put in by Joeltron.

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Forever Black-eyed

Eyeball tattooing.  We’ve talked about it before when it first started to come about a few years back.  Shannon did a great piece on it, as he documented the procedure that Howie did on him.  It’s been well over 4 years since that article and while it is still extremely rare, we do occasionally get submissions.  I just want to note that while it has been successful for some people, this is one of the riskiest procedures and can easily lead to blindness.  Do not under any circumstance even attempt this without proper research and preparation, and even then you can still lose vision, and possibly the eye itself.

That all said, here’s a client of xRonix showing off his blackened sclera.

xRonix is currently working at Extreme Needle in London.

Again, don’t even think of attempting this without extensive research.  If anything is off by the smallest of measurements it is possible to go blind.