Hold on

For a second I thought this was another submission coming in from Brasil and I was about to catch the next plane out of chilly LA and join in on the fun. Apparently though dadilydoo took these photos in Malmo, Sweden and the suspensions were put on by the Concrete Jungle Tribe. Check out their gallery as they’ve been sending in tons of killer suspension photos.


See more in Concrete Jungle Tribe (Suspension Teams and Bonus Galleries)


18 thoughts on “Hold on

  1. ahh i really like seeing that awesome scar in the first pic in a more whole body shot. looks damn good

  2. Beautiful…..seeing all these pictures of suspensions makes me want to do one even more :-)

  3. the first picture is Marco who does have this thing of holding his hands in front of his face when suspending :). I really like all those beautiful suspension submissions lately!

  4. WOW this is my town!! i’ve been dreaming of trying suspension for a couple of years, didnt know ppl were doing this in Malmö!! I have to get in touch with them!! I don’t know anyone in the suspension/modification business tough.. but this can be one of my best Internet experiences ever to discover this! I’M SO HAPPY
    Thank you bme for posting this!!

  5. uhmmm…Marco, italian.
    That knee looks good though…I wonder how long did he stay up!
    Italians have generally a tough skin…
    Well, at least I do.

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