Endless wonder

While Shannon is still out I wanted to drop in with a photo that was submitted to BME yesterday.  I found it quite beautiful and wanted to share.

This was sent in by Pink_Jonka in Croatia.  There is something so serene about it.  While I’ve never suspended, I have been there for several suspension events and there has always been something really beautiful about the atmosphere, the way everyone comes together and supports one another, that I really love.


Photo by Katja Goljat.


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Ocean Beach Pier Guerrilla Suspension

The Ocean Beach Pier in San Diego is the largest concrete pier on the West Coast, extending almost two thousand feet into an often epic ocean, the kind of misty scene that deserves a soundtrack fit for a moon landing. Third Eye Perception Flesh Suspension (thirdeyeperception.com; who you may remember for the baby-bouncing superman) chose this modern yet primal landscape as the site for an ideal guerrilla suspension. If you like the picture, don’t miss the video.


Suspension Daisy Chain

This photo (in which I see Marc of Little Swastika and Roland, Oli, and Ralf of Visavajara) of a circular ring of people doing the suspension hook piercing of the person in front of them by being pierced by the one behind them is totally the suspension version of a daisy chain. And I’m not talking about the innocent sort


Flying over the water

Andrea Azzolini took these beautiful pictures at the 8th Italian Suscon of Marita suspending over the water from the tripod (previously). I should note that I edited the suspension gear out of the picture, but I assume that’s obvious. Andrea writes (translate into English),

Sono arrivato cosi Lontano dal Mondo, che sperare di trovare Qualcuno che mi Comprenda è diventato un Illusione.

e le mie Illusioni sono i miei Sogni.

Vedo Cosi Tanta Bellezza e cosi tanta Tristezza, vedo Persone che Non Sanno Nemmeno chi Sono in Realtà, Nessuno che tenta di Raggiungersi, ci si fa Bastare l’Apparenza e ci ferma alla Superficie delle cose.

Per chi è Diverso, Rimanere Solo è Inevitabile.
Un Destino da Spettatore,
sempre Sospeso,
tra i più Bui e Confortevoli Abissi e le Più Fredde e Lucenti Volte Celesti.

Click the pictures to see them uncropped.



Lazy Hazy Days

Summer workshopping with the 42 Suspension Group on what can only be described as a perfect day for suspensions. I can only imagine how wonderful these suspensions must have been for the people participating.

These are only a sample of the many suspensions held that day.  Check out the 42 Suspension Group gallery to see the rest.

Photography by Jaro Ridzon.

The only person to bend a 4ga Gilson

A lot of people will tell you what you see in this video is not possible, but following up on the photo at the bottom of this recent entry, in this video you’ll see Neil Chakrabarti — already a heavy guy himself — lift two other heavy guys for a total of something around 800 pounds. Off a single 4ga Gilson hook. He didn’t tear out, but the hook did bend slightly. I doubt there is a single other person on the planet who can make that particular claim. I should mention that this video is from a great big YouTube playlist of 122 videos showing Suspension Mecca 2012. Never forget that the human body is stronger than steel.