16 thoughts on “BME likes Jiu Jtisu

  1. this is very cool. and i’m betting he does wear head gear. i’d be very surprised if they’d let him do any kind of sparring/contact stuff with his earlobes like they are in the picture. if they’re big enough, he may flip them up over the ears, right? in any case, i approve of this wholeheartedly :)

  2. nah no head gear. i roll just the way you see me in the picture. haven’t even come close to catching an ear in my lobes(which are 1 1/2 inch). when i compete in tournaments i’ll just medical tape my ears closed, but thats about it. i did however, have to retire several piercings. lost my mandible piercing, anchors under my eyes, 2g septum, and my pubic surface in order to train. well worth it!

  3. Tape. It’s all about tape. All the modded guys i train with just tape things up where possible – tough as AJ mentioned above, some piercings just have to go, sadly.

  4. why did you take out your septum? i train in kung fu and sambo and have competed in mma tournaments with a silicone plug in.

  5. I’d be worried about tearing those while rolling, a guy at my gym has stretched lobes, and wears headgear.
    I have cross nipple piercings, that I tape for rolling. Labret, and eyebrow come out, stretched PA stays in.
    No real issues.

  6. As a fellow modded bjjer, I take out my labret, and eyebrow, tape my cross nipple piercings, and leave in my PA. No real issues when rolling, but those stretched lobes worry me…I’d be afraid to tear em.

  7. i had a 2g kaos ear skin or whatever they’re called in there for a while, that worked for jiu jitsu, but i also train mma. so when we’d spar muay thai or boxing, if i got hit in the nose, it still sucked real bad with the jewelry in. it shrunk down to a 6g so i still wear some jewelry in it every once in a while, but definitely not while i train anymore.

  8. That is the cost of piercings to a certain extent.

    The microdermal next to my eye has restricted me from doing alot of things, mainly contact sports like mentioned above.

    If someone punched me in my medusa or micro I cant imagne how bad that would feel…let alone possibility’s of tearing out.

  9. I once had 7/8″ lobes but took them out (for personal reasons) a while before training BJJ. They have shrunk to around a 0 ga now. The problem I have is the extra flesh of the lobe allows more ear to be pulled when your head is wrapped. I frequently get micro-tears where the lobe meets my face. It’s an annoyance but not worth the headgear.

  10. Don’t know if it counts as a contact sport, but I once got my jewellery yanked out by someone’s finger while moshing :D Thankfully I was only wearing tubes with o-rings, that weren’t too tight, so my lobe wasn’t damaged in any way.

    And getting punched while wearing septum jewellery… not nice at all. My friend punched me playfully -and not that hard even- once, and it smarted quite a bit.

  11. I used to train at a Relson Gracie school back in South Carolina, and I’ve gotten to attend a few of his seminars. He’s a really chill guy with a great sense of humor.

    I have 1 inch ear lobes and I’ve never worn head gear. I’ve yet to have any problems with them either. As AJ said, I was forced to retire some facial piercings I had done, but it only gave me all the more reason to work on getting more tattoo work done.

    Keep up the training.

  12. well i need help i have a 14g nipple piercing and i love jiujitsu so i dont know what to do. ill go to bjj in 10 days what should i do?

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