16 thoughts on “Oh my dragonfly

  1. i love it when scars go white
    not so much into the heavily keloided masses of red/pink

    very graceful

  2. i’m with heretic138, i really love subtle, pale scars.

    it have been nice to see how it healed

  3. Thanks guys! Mr Dunn is a genius at what he does, and I’m super pleased that his work turned out so well.

  4. heretic138, Hovis26: Most scars turn pale when they have really “healed”, which usually takes quite some time… well at least the more moderate ones (in terms of scar tissue volume). Here on modblog we usually see pictures of fresh or very recent scars, so naturally most of them are still quite pink/red.
    Dunno how old this piece is?
    Well it’s quite lovely, the subject, the placement and the execution all perfect.
    I definitely want to get a piece done by one of the guys from the scarwars crew someday, as their work has always been exceptional.

  5. Hey guys, the larger dragonfly is almost two years old. The smaller is almost a year old. I have another on my calf that is almost a year old, and it still hasnt gone completely white, but its getting there.

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