I wear my muscles on my sleeves

Fredl of Art & Soul in Mannheim, Germany is the artist credited for the work below. This is probably one of the more extensive “skin rip” tattoos that I’ve seen. While anatomy tattoos aren’t very common, the few people sporting larger pieces tend to have them extremely detailed. I’d be interested to know if he worked off of any specific resource material or came up with the design based on the wearers own muscle tone and flow. It seems to work pretty well. There’s a little implanty goodness if you go ahead and click through.




27 thoughts on “I wear my muscles on my sleeves

  1. what do you mean the star is out of place? its not your body, and if he wants to have that star right there then whatever its not up to you to judge.

  2. ben, last time i looked it was his arm not yours, i think the star implant is awsome, sometimes things that “dont go” work the best.

  3. i don’t like the star :P but its just my opinion you should respect that :P
    i dont like it XD but still cool ;) i mean the star and the tattoo

  4. this is a bad ass tattoo, and the start dont really go with it but its ok, it still looks good

  5. #5. Because they took a picture in front of a soda machine, in what appears to be a convenience store?! So dumb.

  6. mr1982.bmezine.com has some similar work. Wow, I remembered the username, it’s been ages since I saw that page

  7. calm down y’all. don’t we all come to site to see a wide variety of body modifications, and judge them?

  8. The star is a random addition, certainly not what I’d expected to see on his arm when implants were mentioned. The tattoo is really impressive, it sits really well on his arm too, I’d like to see a tat like this on a really built up arm.

  9. I want to know more about the piercing on his throat…

    I’m mildly bummed that he didn’t have his star implant tattooed over but that’s just because I’m dying to talk to someone who’s had an implant tattooed over.

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