the altar of 10

The citizens of Portland, Oregon are lucky to have circle23 & Philly Chris. The submissions we’ve been getting have been absolutely stellar. This one is no exception.

“the extremes women will go to in a media dominated society to achieve the standards set forth by “beauty” magazines”


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27 thoughts on “the altar of 10

  1. @droo
    and MAN, this is beautiful. i have no words to express how much i adore this, it is one of the most lovely things i have ever seen.

  2. This is such a powerful picture, it made me uneasy at first. This is incredible.

  3. This photo and its statement on BME strikes some irony as we all do things to “fit in” in some way or another…I firmly believe the way we present ourselves is based on how we want to be perceived. No one is immune…”alternative”, punk, modded, glamour, suit, whatever…we are all part of some tribe or another. Very thought-provoking image.

  4. Pablo-
    I’m not entirely sure that everything you said is accurate. Yes, people alter their behavior and appearance based both upon who they believe themselves to be and on based upon how they want to be perceived by the rest of society; I believe that we can safely agree on that. However, I’m not sure that everyone becomes part of a tribal or social group by doing so. I would argue that perhaps the conscious and unconscious changes we affect in both behavior and appearance may be intended to *remove* us from some social group; that is, the changes are made in opposition to a perceived group, not to bring the individual into compliance with a group dictate. Done that way, it would seem to me that it is more likely that the individual would be alienating themselves (intentionally or unconsciously) from groups and subgroups.[p]
    Just sayin’.

  5. Nyarlathotep – I entirely agree….I was playing very loose with the term tribe. I meant it more figuratively and it can indeed be a tribe of one. I got a little off point in my earlier post, I just find it ironic that the statement above somewhat places the glamor media in a different light when we all are tweaking the way we are in some way or another. If one doesn’t believe the media is more a reflection of society than the other way around, one accepts we are basically sheep.

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  7. Pablo: Two things. First, I spotted an interesting article a while back in the Washington Post by Robin Gihvans. You should be able to find it here; it’s about the look of fashion (which is applicable here, in a roundabout way). Secondly, I tend to believe that the media is both a reflection of society as a whole and shapes it. It ends up feeling like a chicken/egg question. I mean, we *are* sheep (baaaaa!) in that we tend to pursue what is presented as being desirable, but alterations in opinions can also shape what media present as being desirable.

  8. Hahaha am I the only one that giggled when I saw that the place where her tutu ties together frames her bootycrack PERFECTLY?


    LOVE this photo.

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