Pssst, how you doin’?

If my office was a traditional office and not just a computer with piles of 1s and 0s inside of it, I’d have stacks of photos of thigh corsets to the ceiling. This is definitely one of the most recent “trends” for photo shoots in the modification community. It’s like when every girl and her mother were taking photos of themselves performing fellatio on handguns. Personally I’d like to see some labia corsets or butt corsets for the guys. How about someone sends me some of those?

Until I get those I’ll just have to be content that Brailey from Love and Hate Tattoo and Body Piercing sent me these.


Now I’m going back to my day off. So seriously, I’m not coming back here until Monday.. unless I run across something else that I want to post but if not.. I’m taking the day off!

Oh! I almost forgot that I’ve got some guest contributors for Modblog coming up this week so the Debbie Downers’ in the group can tell them how much they suck instead of me! I’m sure we’ll all have fun with that!

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24 thoughts on “Pssst, how you doin’?

  1. i think it’s sad that you basically bad-talk these photos of what look like really well done thigh corsets: nice and even, interesting lace pattern. she even has a nicely executed tattoo.

  2. Allie: I hardly consider commenting on the amount of thigh corset photos and how they’ve become the newest trend for photo shoots constitutes “bad talking”.

  3. I am totally agree with you Rachel, I am a bit fed up with all these conventional corsets… When I look at this kind of things, it makes an impression similar to a Playboy bunny logo tattoo…ho-ho, so hot…………….

  4. Disagree. I think the corset piercing looks fantastic, and although, sure, corset piercings are pretty common, so are lip piercings and dermal anchors. So are old-school/pin-up tats, so are stretched ears and septums, yadda yadda yadda. But so what? She’s a lovely girl with lovely mods. Not everyone is going to be full steam ahead into the most intense work we’ve ever seen, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t appreciate what they do have.

  5. Rachel:
    Have you considered doing a long-term trend report on body modification regarding the content that you see submitted to BMEzine and modblog? It would be interesting to see if there is some kind of discernable overall trend in body modification. It would be more interesting to see if you could influence the trends based on what type of content you were posting in a public location (like modblog), but you would need an equally popular public website to use as the control group.
    My only real point is that there are clearly trends within non-mainstream body modification, but these trends are only rarely researched. …Not that there’s real money in researching BM trends…

  6. So nice to see a girl with a normal body on here for once instead of the stick-thin girls you usually post.

  7. brailey truly is THE BOY for this kinda thing.

    sure, leg corsets have been done before, as some of you are pointing out. But this looks fantastic and is one to be proud of. and can there ever be TOO many pretty girls on here??

    and its nice to see a change from the pneumatic barbies that have been gracing modblog recently.

    gorgeous girl, gorgeous corsetry xxx

  8. Male corsets coming up Rachel but there will be no lace in mine.
    Blackkellan has done some outside the norm corsetting in the past.

    good photo my only “eh” is the pose and the choice of underwear, she looks to have a great curve that is cutoff by the too small underwear.

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