Penguin Boy

I first met Penguin Boy when I worked at Art With A Pulse in Glen Burnie, MD. The shop  owner bet me he could do a full sleeve from scratch in less than an hour on a client of his….I fell for it, he won the bet.

Since then Penguin Boy  (Jason Brott) has made quite a name for himself in the sideshow world travelling with the Hellzapoppin Sideshow.

Here he is doing a 2 point suspension as photographed by our very own Allen Falkner.


One more after the break.


If you want to know more about the World Famous Penguin Boy, leave some comments here and I will see if he is interested in doing an interview for BME.

42 thoughts on “Penguin Boy

  1. I am on a bus with him doing shows with Hellzapoppin through 12/26 and could probably put together an interview pretty easily. If people have specific questions for him, post them or send them to me – I will try and get him to swing by this forum as well

  2. Ahh! I want an interview. I’m sure it would be incredibly interesting. I wonder if he can reach his ears to stretch them himself or if someone does it for him.
    His face in the first picture cracked me up.

  3. Just wondering what merits an interview? His awesome tattoo’s or his disability or both? opinions please

  4. I have a couple of general questions. When did he get started in body modification? What future mods does he have planned?

  5. I will get more from him directly but I can say in the last few days we have talked about his plans for a tongue split and to continue his tattooing to become an “illustrated penguin”

  6. i have streached my ears on my ownand that is a black eye from being dumb. i plan on getting more ink spliting my tounge making my ears bigger. maybe more scaring done. i do not have Thalidomide i am to young for it i have thing called tar syndrome wich can make ur limbs short and have kidney problems and your platelitts run low. i frist got my ear pierced when i was in 5th grade and wanted more i always wanted to look like a lil rocker and always loved drawling so i wanted to get some of my drawlings put on my for ever and the things that i love put on my for ever as well. i got my first tat when i was 17 an plane on getting coverd but not my face lol

  7. I’m guessing he can do a lot more for himself than people seem to be giving him credit for?

    E.g. I think he could probably stretch his ears himself with one hand, unless he does not have a properly functioning neck or fingers?

  8. Erik, can i send you some questions on IAM, or would something different be better for you?

    Anyways, This is so interesting. I had never heard of him before, which is odd considering this community. I love how differently human bodies can end up. I wish our culture accepted it as our community does.

  9. Vern,

    Email them to me via the link on my website. I should be catching up with Jason tonight (I have been enjoying being home in Austin before our show here tomorrow night)

  10. What qualifies him for an interview is neither his modifications, nor his condition alone. It is how he is utilizing both of them to pursue a career in the sideshow business. The modern sideshow contains mostly “self made freaks”, but historically sideshows were filled with “born freaks”. Laws were passed in some areas and the public decided that is was in poor taste to “exploit” the born freaks, and the sideshow mostly died off until Jim Rose brought it back with a crew of made freaks.

    Penguin Boy is pulling together the made freak and born freak sides of things and THAT is what qualifies him as a worthy interview for BMEzine.

  11. Yeah Sean everyone knows Lizardman invented sideshow , and for the record I still think I can beat Penguin in an arm wrestling match.

  12. @Lizardman I am just going off what I have read over the years, and I am definitely in no position to argue sideshow with someone who has dedicated there life to it. Feel free to point out the flaws in my statement.

  13. Quick points:

    Born freaks have always been rare enough that while held in high regard they never filled sideshows – the bulk of the show casts have always been working acts and made freaks. Modern sideshows have featured many a born freak – most often little people and contortionists (real ones not the cirque du soleil just flexible folks) but modern audiences tend to not be impressed unless they also bring an act similar to how just being tattooed isn’t enough anymore – you need to do something

    Sideshow definitely valleyed hard but was having a comeback well before Jim ever dreamed of doing stuff – he was just lucky to end up being grabbed by the media to be the face of an already in progress resurgence. It was happening with or without him.

  14. Hey Jason, Good to see ur still doing alright. I meet performers and show folks every day, and you are one of the sharpest and most promising I’ve met. I hope your health is holding up and you get to perform inthe goos weather and snowboard in the better weather.
    I just resigned my job with the fairs, so my life is good.
    Later, man!

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