The bigger the better

Good Morning Modblog! Today’s posts are pretty good. Our newest contributor but long time member Sean is starting a new feature called “From the Vault” and his first post for that will come up later today. I’ll let him explain it since it’s his idea. First I’m going to tell you a little story.

I once dated an IAM’r who is way too shy to link to but he definitely didn’t need to do any stretching exercises. There are stories of his having to rush previous girlfriends to the hospital. I’ve heard of these stories before but having witnessed what his gear looked like first hand, I can definitely vouch that he was not telling a “fishing trip” story. This fine gentleman below looks like his efforts are paying off. I don’t know what he was originally blessed with but it looks like his modifications are turning out very well.


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30 thoughts on “The bigger the better

  1. Well.. Hair is natural, sure I get that

    But it looks more “clean” when it’s shaved, more polished and inviting.
    I think that hair is often in the way, so it you don’t want to shave, you can do it just for the pictures sake.
    It grows out, I promise.
    And if you don’t want to shave, just cut it a bit shorter.

  2. i think hair is more inviting! ;] but the whole “natural” argument, not really valid on a body modification forum

  3. wow.. way to be elitest about the non-shaved thing… leave him alone … if he doesn’t want to shave, he doesn’t have to.

  4. If he doesn’t want to shave I totally get it, but looking at the rings, I’d be afriad of hair getting caught & pulling! That’d be enough for me to grab the old razor!

  5. dude submitted his pic for the body modding and everyone sparks up over his pubes lol poor bloke.

  6. hahaha! making a penis look “inviting”… who cares if the guy is unshaven… is it okay to pick on him for being uncut, as well? maybe he looks for partners who like him for who he is, not an immaculately kept genital hairstyle?

    in any case, i am curious as to the starting point. this seems like it takes quite a bit of time and dedication, so i wonder what he was working with at the beginning.

  7. #11, it is kind of relevant on a body modification site if you think about it. Shaving or trimming is a modification of the natural body’s processes, therefore it is, to an extent (although we see all extremes of modification on this site), a form of body modification

  8. Some people prefer long hair, some people prefer short hair… Just because its between your legs and not on your head doesn’t make it more or less valid to have either style.

  9. this pube shit is so stupid. i don’t understand why you all want to look prepubescent…(?). my bush is about 2 1/2 times fluffier than this guy’s, and i’ll be rockin pubes till i die, Leviticus style, cuz i still don’t give a fuck.

  10. also, rachel, i’m kind of confused by your story. so, basically the point is (?), you once dated a guy with a cock so large that it injured people?

  11. oh my fuck, its hair!!! deal with it, the guys not asking you to fucking suck it!

    that aside i think its pretty cool, not something id do, maybe something id try oneday.

    as for my bush, its slighty unshaven, i shave maybe once a month? but then again thats what i choose to do, like this guy chosing not to shave (or atleast not shave for a pic, hair does grw after all) as well as stretching his cock.

  12. I don’t get turned on by a shaved cock. Some of us like hair. And I’d love taking apart that puzzle to get to that uncut prize as well. So deal with it.

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