Tired of hot Brazilians?

Me neither.

But I thought this gorgeous blonde Swede would be a good addition to the mix as well. Here is IAM: Picklechip, want to see more pinup photos of her? Then check out her IAM page. If you are not an IAM member, pretty pin up pics of her should be more than enough reason to become one.


11 thoughts on “Tired of hot Brazilians?

  1. please please please modblog STOP posting up /photoshopping whitened out eyes?

    just a glance at them makes me wanna hurl… ew!

    the girls are hot without any help, thanks.

  2. Rest assured if you ever see any photoshopping (aside from the required BMEzine watermarks) on a picture I posted, that it was not done by Modblog.

    However, a bit of photoshopping is far from enough to make anything in this photo “hurl worthy”.

  3. Tiny – Yes it is. Unfortunatly.

    eegee – The photographer did the photoshopping and I had nothing to say about it.
    Don’t like the eyes that they are so darn white but what to do..

  4. Is it wrong that I think girls look better covered in sexual fluids? Drench the girl’s chest in semen and you’re on to a winner!

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