Don’t get hit by a car!

I dedicate this post to Google Adsense. The more Google tells me I can’t post images like this, the more it makes me want to post them. I hate being told what to do. I like to make my own decisions and this is one reason that I’ve never wanted to have advertising on BME. I don’t want to be forced to bow down to pressure from advertisers telling me things are “too extreme” or “too weird”. This is my community that I love and cherish. I will fight for our rights to do what we want with our bodies till the day I die and I hope you all will stand up and fight with me.


Thanks to Jared from The Loft in Columbus, OH for the photos. Click through for more, including googles version of pornography!



22 thoughts on “Don’t get hit by a car!

  1. Hmm, delicious porn. Also, can you see the violence? it’s just terrible, is it not?
    Lovely pics!

  2. Love this pic. she is a cutie, a naked. then i noticed how she was being held up.

    Damn… don’t try this if your overweight

  3. The one thing I dislike about knee suspension pictures is….the person is upside down! I hate when people are upside down in a picture (especially when they do it that way on purpose A La Myspace)

    But she is a cutie.

  4. Oh man, I gotta tell you, these violent and pornographic images make me want to go throw myself off of an overpass and get hit by a couple trucks.

    (Lovely! :) )

  5. #6 took the words right out of my mouth.

    anyway,if i was in that position i would have defiantly just let my arms hang down. I can almost feel the strain on her neck lol.

  6. I’ll be honest, Rachel, I have long-criticized your posting style, but this post has changed my perception of you completely. You have my respect.

    Also, this girl has a great body, and the entire shoot looks amazing<3.

  7. Hey JARhead. You sures are lucky haha. But i say i get like .0001% atleast. Shes my bestest friend. <3

  8. Thanks everyone. Yes Emily that’s fair ;) Jared… I love you with all my heart and I’m all yours. Whitney.. IM me @ mallorylmorman :)

  9. That is beyond sexy.
    At first glance she looked like she was upside down on a stripper pole (in a good way!)
    She looks so natural and comfortable, makes the suspension look like a breeze and not at all gory.
    Gorgeous girl, and I certainly wish I had that figure!! Hot damn!!

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