How much for a picture?

At first when I saw this photo, the tourist posing with photographs from super heroes on Hollywood Blvd popped into my head. Luckily enough for us though this is just one kick ass couple that met through BME. I love the juxtaposition of his heavily modified face and her perfectly plain skin. Gnomoweb and his bride to be are yet another couple from Brasil. :)


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20 thoughts on “How much for a picture?

  1. wow, i think he must have a hard time eating. or even performing oral sex.

    and she is a cutie.

  2. Aptly put Mitch.
    Oral sex is the first thing I thought about when I spied this photo.
    Funny how so many mods can act as romance inhibitors.
    Basically, his mouth is “off limits” unless you want to brave those smelly, baggy holes.
    I imagine his muscular articulation in his philtrum/lower lip area is mostly gone.
    Once again we see the dark side to competitive self hatred.

  3. I’m not knocking it but when people have these facial stretches, how do they kiss? Cute couple though!

  4. pweblo: his labret and philtrum probably do not have much of a scent. My labret is only 11mm but it doesn’t smell, especially if you wear something like wood or teflon (which he is wearing in the photo) For oral sex he could easily just take out his plugs. As for kissing, I have talked to people with large labrets before and they say it isn’t a problem, seeing as I don’t have one that is super large I can’t know for sure. It might be tricky, but you’d be surprised at how much your body can adapt to something or learn to work around something. I also don’t really understand what you mean by competitive self hatred? If you see heavy modification as self hatred then why are you even looking at this website?

  5. i think it is really interesting that she is so unmodified and he is so heavily modified. im really curious, does she like mods but not on herself? or she has mods that are not visible?

    i want an interview!

  6. i find it odd, when ever something like a large lip piercing is shown, all the silly questions come out

    cute couple tho, and i like his tattoo’s on his cheeks

  7. @gandy

    why you think it’s odd? You see something diffrent, you’re curious about it (or you hate it, but i think that’s not the case with people here on modblog). Some heavy mods like those implants making you look like horned, or microdermals, or skin removal is all hardcore, but it doeasnt rise issues like “how the hell do they kiss/shag?!”.

    Asking about kissing and oral sex was my first thing also – like, does he take the plug out, leaving the lips hanging out, letting her eat it like spaghetti? that would be kinky:P

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