Black & Red

It’s surprisingly hard to write a modblog post when a homeless person is outside your window yelling about the color of the bricks on your building. I’m tempted to yell down to him “those aren’t bricks, it’s stucco” just to see what he says.

Indy sent in some photos of a scarification he did recently in Brussels, Belgium. I’m sure he’ll send in some healed photos once this piece heals up.


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16 thoughts on “Black & Red

  1. Last night, there was some emotionally disturbed individual standing below my window screaming “You’re all Belgians! All of you!” Now, last time I checked there was not an earthly thing wrong with being Belgian, but in the interest of accuracy I was giving serious consideration to correcting him.

    That double-dorje cutting looks fantastic. I hope we’ll get to see what it looks like when it heals.

  2. this is incredibly gorgeous.. i’ve always thought about getting black work in the future and scarring over it.. this just makes me want to go through with it even more

  3. I love the blackwork over his abs. (Or beer belly, as the case may be.) The vajra is a good addition to them.

  4. The cutting over blackwork is gorgeous and like #2 said, at first the stencil wasn’t appealing, but the “finished” product is absolutely gorgeous. In particular the depth it gives with the blackwork and the placement is lovely. Jealous.

  5. Anyone else think it would have looked amazing if the scar was only cut out of the area of black work or vice versa? Still it looks brilliant.

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