So many dick jokes

There aren’t enough hours in the day or spaces in the database to list the countless number of jokes we could make about this photo. Thankfully I’m not that funny when I’m writing (but super funny in person I swear!) so korge is getting off easily! Looks like MobyK is at it again sending jewelry to young boys.


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13 thoughts on “So many dick jokes

  1. i did t think of dick jokes i thought of how many SXE kids on bme gonna be like LOSER HE SMOKES HE PROB DRINKS AND DOES HEROINE AND THROWIN HIS LIFE AWAY hahaha

  2. moby k does love those young boys…..

    and again with the smart asses thinking all sXe people are stuck up dick heads, i am sXe and nothing of what you said came to mind when i saw this picture, i think its people like you who need to stop being so self righteous….

  3. 1. Eat shit, Dean.
    2. Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar, and sometimes, it’s a big brown dick.

  4. Haha! Korge has been Mod-Blogged! Awesome 🙂 He’s an incredibly nice guy too- would probably stamp on your face Dean if you were brave enough to say that retarded shit to his face (as would I)

  5. paul, i giggled “yeah hes a really nice guy, but he’d stamp on your face if you made comments about him”

    i get what you mean, but surly being the bigger person and just call who ever is making comments “ignorant” and walk off would be a better thing to do?

    while i do doubt that you or he would in fact stamp on someones face, making threats, like that, on the internet is jus, wellt stupid.

  6. just because it was first brought up as a dick joke image i just see him smoking a cigar, i like cigars and smoking and drinkiing non of that herione shit or cocain thank u very much but in honesty who took the picture, and the cigar is in a relaxed placement in the mouth as if he just noticed the camera and a picture being takin, he must be like somepeople who are really tired “just out of it today”

  7. Ha! gandy is always calling people trolls in the most non “bigger person” way. Rad hair, nice jewelry and I bet that cigar tastes deeelicious.

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