Baby in the bath

What’s that catch phrase Paris Hilton used to rattle off? Loves it! Jezabel-Propaganda definitely hits my top ten list for babes in bathtubs. The photographs are by J’Accusse Photography


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43 thoughts on “Baby in the bath

  1. I’m pretty sure the hand was intended to be the focal point of the second image.
    The tattoo on the back of said hand is beautiful, she’s so colourful. It’s very visually appealing.

  2. i’m going to have to write a new letter to santa to tell him i want her for christmas instead

  3. I’ve had an international crush for quite some time…
    hard to link up for a proper date and all.
    Maybe one day dream.

  4. there is nothing about her that says,” I’m a hot chick..let’s fuck”
    more then likely a short tempered little asshole look at me type…pass.
    and stick that finger up your ass, bitch

  5. Thanks for all the nice comments( as to the nasty ones-urm fair enough different strokes for folks and that,i just dont see the point in being negative) my hands were done by Daniel Dimattia @ calypso tattoo.

  6. she is one of the sweetest and nicest people I know. Not only is she hotter than you could ever expect to get, she’s more intelligent, sussed and active than you could ever hope to be and she could beat the living shit out of you with a smile on her face, all good life skills.

  7. “as soon as i saw the vegan tattoo , i went limp….”


    back atcha!

  8. @ 22, i like to think so, it explains why i eat so many sausages and am getting a little portly

  9. To Nature 223:

    “There’s nothing about her that say “I’m a hot chick . . . let’s fuck”

    So are you saying that she’s only worthy of respect if you think she’s fuckable? How can you decide that somebody’s a bitch from a photo?

  10. Beautiful girl but the “Vegan” tattoo is the fourth one I’ve seen in the exact same place. Other than that, her ink is lovely and she is a very pretty as well.

    And this is a little off topic but speaking from a culinary stand point, Vegan cookies are unacceptable. Cookies without real eggs and real butter? Why the preamble? Just give me a brick and it will be about the same texture and taste wise.

  11. Nice tattoos, i dont see why people have to change their oppinion of someone depending on their dietry decisions? I also <3 veganism :D

  12. ashlyn, ive seen countless borneo roses in the same place, as well as “love” and “hate” on the nuckles, 2 punk stars on someones chest, sooner or later someone will have the same for something kinda that same tattooed in the same placse as someone alse, dosent take anything away from it, and besides shes vegan, thats it, thats the only difference betwine her and someones who’s not, lol why make a deal about it?

  13. @Ashlyn: butter and eggs are binding ingredients, they don’t impart much flavor onto a cookie. No one can tell the difference between my vegan baked goods and non-vegan baked goods, and I mean NO ONE. Baking is flour, liquid, and binder – you don’t need eggs, cow milk, or butter.

  14. @Ashlyn, I’m not and will never be vegan. I like my eggs and milk in omelets, quiche, eggs benedict, etc… but they’re not really necessary for baking. While real butter is essential for the buttery flavour of some pie crusts, for instance, I do frequently bake vegan cookies, and I honestly can’t tell the difference between them and my non-vegan ones. They’re identical in taste and texture, just with the bonus of having used less animal products than I might have otherwise.

    I took some vegan ginger cookies (think ginger snaps, but soft and chewy) to a family function a few days ago. Someone remarked that they were vegan, and my cousin, who was about to eat one, started to put it back. I told him to try it out, and he ate one — and he, grudgingly, admitted they were just as good as any other ginger cookies he’d had. I love my vegan cookies.

  15. Jez is a good kid and I can assure you she know how to handle herself in real life and on the internet, so the comments about her not being [your] ideal babe won’t cause her to lose any sleep. Nor will it affect her post-graduate work.

    Life Tip :

    Studies show that people who don’t spend all their time on the internet complaining about how other people look are happier, have more friends and get more love.

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