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Since I’ve posted about this in a couple places, I figured I should also post it on Modblog. It’s been over a year since I last posted about BME being sued and we’re still deep in the thick of it. As it stands now, BME owes about 50k in legal fees and I’d really like to get some help to pay those bills down. If one day’s worth of visitors to Modblog donated a dollar, I’d have way more than enough to pay my legal fees and start the BME Legal Defense Fund that I’ve been working on but haven’t had a way to fund as of yet and buy a house, a car and retire (I am only slightly kidding but Modblog has A LOT of visitors).

Since BME can’t accept paypal or other similar payment processing sites, I’ve put up sets of sticker packs that you can buy to help support BME and contribute to it’s legal fees. Click here to get your fundraising sticker pack. Not only will you get to help support BME but you’ll get some limited edition stickers which unless you’ve been hoarding the stickers, they’re impossible to get.


I’ve set it up so there are 5 donation levels.

The levels available are:
Bronze – $20
Silver – $50
Titanium – $100
Gold – $500
Platinum – $1000

You can mix and match any donation level or add multiple quantities to get to the desired amount that you want to donate.  Once we get out of this mess, I’ll be converting any left over legal funds to the BME Legal Defense Fund and start going after cities that are zoning shops out of business and helping out artists and practitioners around the world who need help. Before I can get that done, I need your help to put the final nails in this frivolous lawsuits coffin and give this guy what he deserves. When we win, if I’m awarded my legal fees, since he’s the one who brought this frivolous suit to begin with, I’ll be donating those funds to kick start the LDF.I’ll be leaving the sticker packs up as an easy way for people to continue to donate to the defense of Body Modification worldwide.

I will also be making a permanent Thank You page to those who donate and support BME. If you’re a business who has been profiting thanks to the free advertising you receive on BME, consider giving back to help us recover from this devastating and draining lawsuit. I know BME’s staff and I would really appreciate it. If you only want to donate and do not want the stickers sent out to you, please send us an email at BMEshop and let us know. If you want to donate anonymously and not be included on the public and prominent thank you page, please email us and let us know that as well.

I’ll be posting an update in the next couple of weeks as to where the lawsuit is at once I get the approval from my lawyer about what I’ve written up. For now though you can check this link from November of 2008!

24 thoughts on “Legal Defense Fundraising

  1. The only two delivery options for the UK are UPS ones costing over $25, if you sort it out so I’m paying a sane amount for postage I’ll donate for sure.

  2. wanting to help, but dont want to pay for the postage amount thats out of BME’s hands? lol ok

    why dont you do what i was going to do, find a group of people in the uk that want to help out by buying the sticker’s, then split the postage?

  3. wow……”I’ve been working on but haven’t had a way to fund as of yet and buy a house, a car and retire (I am only slightly kidding but Modblog has A LOT of visitors).” Slightly kidding? Really? Aren’t you only like 29 tops? House, Car, sounds sweet. You poor dear. Steal something, get backlash. Honestly, you must be really dumb, which I don’t believe or incredibly naive.

  4. I’m in the UK as well. I’d love to help – is there any way I can ‘buy’ the stickers and you, er, just don’t send them to me or charge for postage?

  5. Yeah, I’m an idiot. Ignore my last comment please. That’ll teach me to speed-read on two hours of sleep.

  6. the reasons i wont be supporting are as follows:

    1. the people who you seem to be supporting (the post about the guy who got busted for drugs and illegally performing some pretty risky modifications maybe a week ago) are less than innocent and are not being treated unfairly for the things they are doing. Just because someone is modified doesn’t make them anyless of a scumbag. (people who complain about BREAKING THE LAW don’t deserve an organization to back them up unless that organization supports breaking laws aswel) Id rather not support anyones leg fees unless im 100% positive they are being treated unjustly.

    2. The posts in the last few days have shown me why you get yourself into legal trouble. If you handle life the way you handle any of the issues in the past few days, you deserve to pay for your own legal funds, because you defiantly got yourself into your own mess. you have to realize that it is your responsibility to know exactly what the policies of the companies you are doing business with are.
    It just doesn’t sit right with me to support someone who complains when they are obviously doing something wrong. Why is it so hard to say “oh shit we fucked up”? The past little while all vie been seeing is “IT’S THEIR FAULT IM IN THIS SITUATION!!”
    i would never put a penny into the legal fund of an organization like that.

    I just really think that when it comes to modifications it shouldn’t have to be payed for by the whole community. You have the right to do whatever you want with yourself, but it is also your responsibility to deal with whatever comes up from it.
    If you made a conscious choice to do something, you have no right to claim discrimination and you have no right to use it as a basis on a legal argument. especially since these people are so openly saying that they did something wrong.

  7. Did BME ever appeal to Google about the adsense deal? I know you guys aren’t big fans of putting ads all over the site, but a few placed here-and-there would go an extremely far way with the amount of traffic this place gets. More than enough to cover a legal fund.

  8. Re the concerns of #4 (some of which I share and agree with) –
    I think that if this is going to work it’s very important that there is lots of TRANSPARENCY, and that an appeal should be made to other sites, organizations, and individuals to get involved.

  9. @ 4: this is a modification community, it embraces all types of modification and is a community for those to link and make friends. whether it is illegal or not.
    i like the fact that BME shows the middle finger to society and makes a stand for modded people.

    when i have some money together i shall be buying.

  10. Krysstii: Your claims are pretty far off. I love how you call someone a “scumbag” who got in trouble because they posted a video of a suspension online. Just because someone is a piercer doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to do their own suspensions. The drug charges came after his house was searched because he had been accused of doing a suspension. No where has he said anything other than the pot was his. Regardless that has nothing to do with this current post.

    This current call for donation is to support BME’s legal fees. The remainder will be donated to the defense fund that I’m starting which will address zoning issues, federal/state regulations, things like when someone tries to ban suspension etc but if you don’t support those things that’s your prerogative and I’m not sure why you’re even here other than to be a voyeur.

    Google claiming that a half naked pin up tattoo is pornography or that suspension is the same kind of violence as a person being hit by a car is beyond my control and again HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MY/BME’s LEGAL DEFENSE.

    I can’t say I’m surprised that people who don’t contribute to BME and only check out modblog for free aren’t willing to help out. That’s pretty much the way Modblog has always been. It’s generally people who like to get a “free peak at the freaks” as I’ve read modblog described as. As I just said though, I’m not surprised.

  11. Cynic: Thanks for removing half of the quote. Let me make the joke crystal clear for you. Let’s say Modblog has 100,000 readers a day and they all gave $1. That would be 100k, so there is the joke about being able to fund an LDF and still have money left to buy a house and a car.

    I really wish that some people would take the time to read the post before commenting.

    IF YOU DON’T WANT TO HELP SUPPORT BME, THEN DON’T. Thankfully for this site there are people who would contribute to it.

    I’m not even going to comment on Shannon’s post about how he agrees with Kryssttii but I’m surprised he didn’t read the post fully either.

  12. If I had the means to donate, I would. I get what the legal defense fund is for. :/ Too bad so many folks can’t read (or, for that matter, put together a coherent argument on the subject).

    Hopefully, in January or February, I’ll be able to help out (and finally get an IAM account).

  13. If the LDF was run by a volunteer group of administrators that were active in the body modification and or legal fields I would contribute directly to it.

    I find it kind of misleading that on the LDF site it’s about supporting individuals and groups and the sticker packs that are being sold as connected are going to fund the BME defense which BME should be funding itself.

    Sorry, but LLC should be able to pay it’s own bills without having to skim off a supposed charity that doesn’t have a way to directly contribute (which also makes me very wary).

  14. “Once we get out of this mess, I’ll be converting any left over legal funds to the BME Legal Defense Fund and start going after cities that are zoning shops out of business and helping out artists and practitioners around the world who need help.”

    Rachel: I wasn’t walking about your current situation, im concerned with the fact that this is what you plan to do with the left over money. helping people who break the law consciously because they think it’s no big deal. i just find that sick. laws are their for a reason.

    and BTW i pay to see the pictures on bme and bmevideo every single month. I will defiantly be cutting off my memberships though. I’d rather not support this site in any way at all anymore. And I will be encouraging my friends to do the same.

  15. Krysstii, I’m really confused as to how you interpret “going after cities that are zoning shops out of business and helping out artists and practitioners around the world who need help.” as “helping people who break the law consciously because they think it’s no big deal.” There are PLENTY of totally legitimate shops and practitioners who are in legal trouble for reasons other then consciously breaking the law because they it’s no big deal that could really use the help. How is this any different then organizations that say raise money to help pay for legal issues involving animal or human rights? Sounds like you are drawing conclusions based on assumptions.
    In agreement with Shannon, I do think such a fund would only work if the person/people in control of it exhibit extreme transparency.

    That said, I’m not one to throw money or support to something I’m not sure I believe in. I want more then just a good idea. PETA sounds like a good idea, but with a little research I could find much more deserving organizations to support. I love the IDEA of the BME LDF but I’d like to see a more detailed mission statement before opening my check book. I’m not going to assume that the donation jar on the counter labeled “feed the children” means “feed starving homeless orphans” and not “feed the children who are too lazy to make a sammich when mom isn’t home”. I understand that everything has to start somewhere and sometimes a leap of faith is required. When you hand a homeless dude five bucks you take a leap of faith that he’s going to go to McDonald’s and not the liquor store. It helps if the homeless dude says “This is going to get me a shit ton on the dollar menu”. I want to believe that the LDF will only help causes I would support, but until I see that hobo walk through the golden arches it’s just a leap of faith.

  16. Krysstii- Are you SERIOUS?

    Essentially, what I’m getting from you, is its a BAD idea to help artists break their mould into doing something they love?

    And if this is being the case, what the HELL are you doing on this website? Pretty much everything done on here is highly illegal in some places- but (usually :P) done by a professional, qualified and trained artist.

    If you can’t support this, why not just, erm, leave? Its really not that difficult- there’s no need to kick up a stink.

    And if you actually followed the case AT ALL you would know its NOT ACTUALLY a law suit over what the CONTENT is, but over the domain name.


  17. Give BME back to its rightful owner and I’ll consider helping with this issue.

    Until then, I’m afraid I can only see this as karma.

  18. #20 (Valkyrie): That’s spot on. Thank you. I really think a properly set up and -equipped LDF would greatly benefit what BME is about and promoting – I personally know a few people in this community who just cannot afford to fight decisions against them and their businesses although they definitely would be thrown out in a (higher) court.
    And you’re right about the leap of faith and the transparency – personally, I’d prefer the LDF to be set up in a sort of charitable trust way that’s overseen by a board of trustees, showing down to the dollar where your money went to (plus, donations would be tax-deductible).

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