And they say we have no class!

They are fools! BME is full of classy, cultured, modified people.

For instance , did you know about the modified girl who studies and teaches opera and also runs a body suspension performance group called Operafication? Or how about, Nick ,who is a respected architect  plays classical music on the harpsichord and just happens to have full facial tattooing and other “extreme” visible body mods? Dig around IAM and you are bound to find a bunch of other examples of people who combine there love of body mods with other high brow interests.

For example, where else could you find someone that has combined there love of Mozart and there love of body play in the same way that this BME HARD contributor has?


…and for those of you who want to de-blur you know the deal.


36 thoughts on “And they say we have no class!

  1. MXS – you *do* realize the irony of commenting *on modblog* about how “disgusting” someone’s mods are, right? It’s not like you didn’t know what it’d be when you saw the blurred out image.

  2. #1 – I don’t understand posts like this one. If you come here you should expect this type of thing, if not already know and understand what it is.

    If you don’t like this then people should probably avoid modblog, or at least avoid blurred pictures haha.

  3. Sean even specified in the entry that it was a BME HARD and BLURRED THE IMAGE but you can still see it’s a crotchshot so what the heck did you expect? Seriously, either get over it, scroll quietly past or stop checking the blog. BME is for supporting people’s choices in physical endevours, not telling them their body is puke-inducing.

    What is the Mozart item we’re seeing here? It kind of looks like a bauble or wrapped chocolate.

  4. THEIR.

    C’mon. Three times in two sentences?!

    (This is actually the first time I’ve ever made a grammar-based comment on a blog: I think finals week may have inflicted permanent damage on me. It burns us, precious, it burns us…)

  5. i second #10. if you’re going to write a post about how “classy” the community is and point out several educated, high-culture representatives, you could bother to save your own reputation and get your homophones and punctuation sorted out.

  6. the mods are great but i must say that “nick” aka NYCNICK is no longer on IAM and is having all his visible mods removed and sewn up and his facial tattoo removed…..

  7. Holy hell. I’m just curious to find out what all is going on in this pick. that’s one serious bisection but what’s happening with the shaft?

  8. so im not quite sure what he’s put into his urethra… but i think ive figured out why his shaft looks like it does. he’s pretty limp, uncircumcised, with his foreskin retracted? since the skin that would usually be covering the head of the penis is pulled back, it’s pretty loose. at least, that’s what i figure. plus, to do the bisection thing he’s done, he probably had to snip/crush the frenum that keeps the foreskin anchored up front. so it can slide back further than usual, making everything bunchy.

    but seriously, what is that thing? like, a sucker?

  9. Is that cheese? If its those fancy cheeses then this picture is gross. If its candy then its festive. To me, any cheese down there is gross…

  10. So i think the image is a little disgustiong.. nothing against guys with split glans but this.. icky..

    I told my boyfriend and his response to this picture was only “Those are mozart kügel and are really tasty”… XD

  11. eww. imagine having that nasty, wrinkled, two-headed sausage in your mouth *shudders*

    it would make a gay man straight, i swear.

  12. You know, these types of pictures do make me squirm a little bit, but I think that’s just because I tend to let myself imagine too much what it felt like.

    However, I would actually be interested to see what this mod looks like without the candy. Usually a split glans looks like a split glans, but to me this one almost looks like two smaller heads growing out of a single shaft – something about the way the flesh curves toward the incision. Much more organic.

    And I definitely agree with everyone who points out that if you’re grossed out by genital mods you really ought not click to see more.

  13. Sad to see that some people cry out for tolerance as long as it refers to their mods, lifestyle and so on. But as soon as they discover something they don’t understand, it’s “sick” or “disgusting”.
    You may decide that this is something you wouldn’t do or wouldn’t like on your body. But it’s not up to you to decide where another person puts his personal limits on modification.
    For those interessted in the stuff he’s put in his urethra:

  14. I am curious of one thing and please correct me if I am wrong.

    Why does it seem that most of the guys with genital mods are older and over-weight?

    Are they any young, average sized guys with this mod?

    Just sayin……..

  15. I don’t understand why people have to make negative comments about things they don’t understand. I’ll admit, bisection is not my cup of tea, but I’m not going to come on modblog making all kinds of rude comments about it. If that’s what he likes, it’s what he likes.

  16. JustRightofLeftCentrist; im 19 years old i have an almost 2″ transscrotal and two smaller piercings below that (5mm and 4mm) im a bit over weight, and not old.

    besides does it really matter if more older fat guys have mods like this??

  17. just end your own life, you have to rely not care for yourself to pull this one, honestly thats just straight fucked up man, you arent goina be gettin any pussy anytime soon. damn nigga,, just die.

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