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Your Friday news, a day late and a dollar short. Forgive me ModBlog, I tried to work on this while visiting my father in the hospital and couldn’t get the file I’d saved to open. Then I forgot. Enough excuses, on with the news!

In Port Orchard, “tattoos get nod from veterans group“.

A man in China is offering to “sell the skin off his back“.

In Philly, a photography exhibition by Marianne Bernstein is currently on display which captures tattoo culture. The photographs appear in a book titled, Tatted. I definitely want a copy of this book.

Leave it to MTV, in another exploitative reality show a man who only withstood the pain of tattoos by having a few drinks first, finds he can’t get work with those unsightly markings. Read more about that, here. Sorry ModBlog, I never claimed to be an impartial journalist and this one really grinds my gears.

Out of San Francisco, we discover the allure of body art.

Boing Boing has a book review up for Tattoo in Japan. Looks like another interesting book to own!

Here’s an article explaining “Why People Regret Having Tattoos“.

Grilled cheese sandwiches and unicorns. Did I get your attention?

Record setting tattoo sessions? Kids these days, what will they think of next?

Here’s a nice story about a tattoo event for charity out of Rapid City.

The San Francisco Examiner is running a story about Ed Hardy.

Finally, an unfortunate story about a woman who was offered a job and then had the offer revoked when they found out she had a small tattoo on her wrist.

12 thoughts on “Body Modification News

  1. I can’t say that I have any feelings about the gal who lost the job opportunity because of your tattoo.

    I see this as a problem with younger girls who go out and get cute little flash on their wrists like it’s nothing. Sure, the public at large is becoming more and more accepting to visible tattoos, but you must understand what you’re getting your self into.

    A business, privately-owned and public facing does not care that your tattoo is significant if it has the possibility of offending one of their customers.

  2. Paige – Thank you.

    Tobias – Yeah but she got it after her grandmother died, so it sounds like she didn’t go “get cute little flash” but rather got it in commemoration. Also it’s a very particular flower, they said it was a Cicely flower and her name is Cicely. I would say that was a thought out tattoo. She even said, had she known about their policies she would have been upfront and told them about the tattoo from the start.

    It can’t be too big of a problem if she had a face to face interview and they didn’t see it. (I can’t remember if it mentioned a face to face interview or not). I take issue with the gutless way they went about handling the situation. They didn’t ask to see it or ask if it could be covered while working.

    They certainly have a right to hire and not hire whomever they choose but they should try to do so as professionals which really wasn’t the case here.

  3. I agree it was gutless, but the interview situation isn’t really something to go on, and I’m sorry if it sounded like I was calling her tattoo flash, I was just making a generalizing statement.

    For example, most people would go to a relatively formal interview wearing some form of long-sleeve shirt. Even moreso for someone who had work done on their forearms. If the position does not always require or permit long sleeves (working with dental equipment seems to be one of these).

    Can you expect every employer to make sure to ask if the person has any visible tattoo work? I don’t understand why a two-second explanation would’ve been tough in that situation. At the end of the interview, just point it out. That way the person gets to at least see it and decide personally (something the article states the business did not even give her a chance to do).

  4. It’s certainly something I ask about in interviews and I had to keep covered while teaching, which can get mighty hot but it’s something I like to put on the table from the start. Of course if this tattoo is relatively new for her and it’s her only one, she probably isn’t used to dealing with that and maybe it never crossed her mind at the time.

  5. dont know about you guys, but everytime ive been to the dentist the nurse always has long sleeves, and would cover up the tattoo, (since the last time i did in fact go to a dentist the nurse showed me her tattoo, that was on her wrist, lol) i can understand why theyd be worried about image, but lets face it, she didnt have “fuck the world eat shit loads of candy” tattooed on her face, a little flower on her wrist would have hardly given the place a bad “image”

    i’ve always had to ask and tell about my piercings at interviews, since my last job was working with meat i didnt know what they’d say about my lobes, but we sorted something out and i got the job, but since most of the jobs id do arnt public facing, i just have to worry about the safety sides of things etc.

    sucks but it happens

  6. My cousin is a trainee dental nurse and has a tattoo on each wrist, nothing massive, some small stars on one and flower on the other. She hasnt had any problems and this is in a little english village, one of the countries best tat artists does also work in the village, but it has never been a problem and the people who work in there are otherwise quite conservative. Its obviously personal preference to the company but it seems very harsh and dealt with in the wrong manner

  7. The article explaining “Why People Regret Having Tattoos“ did not explain anything of the sort… Did you read these? lol.

  8. According to Chinese law, it is illegal to buy and sell human organs and skin is the largest organ of the human body” haha. poor kid

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